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The training center website is your central source for information on our online training events.  When you arrive on this page, you will notice the navigation towards the top.  There are 3 main sections:  Overview, Catalog, and Certifications.


This section provides information on what you’ll need to attend an online event.

Course Catalogue:

The catalogue is a description of topics (aka courses) that are offered

Partner Certification:

docSTAR Business Partners are required to be certified on the product line that they will be supporting.  This section, Partner Certifications, lists the courses that are required to achieve certification.

Online Training FAQ

Q: What courses should I take?

A: You should take the courses that are of interest to you.  If unsure, go to the course catalogue and start with the first course.

Q: Do I have to take them in a specific order?

A: No.  In most cases, each topic is independent of the others – but, some of the advanced topics do require/expect that you have some product knowledge prior to the session.  For example, you may find it difficult to create your own workflow processes, if you don’t know the essentials of how to file a document.  If you are unsure, attend the courses in the order that they are listed under the course catalogue.

Q: How do I register?

A: go to the training center website ( and click on any of the upcoming sessions on the right-side.  A full calendar will be displayed.  Just click on the topic and time that works best for you.

Q: Can I just get a copy of a session?

A: Please visit


For training questions (How To) contact

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