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About Workflow Structure

The Workflow Designer is a tool to help you link logical steps in a process for digitally processing documents through a normal lifecycle: metadata capture,  notification, approval, and possible integration. Workflows are not specific to a document. You can have multiple documents and any given step in the workflow  process and any given time. Workflows contain Steps which contain Actions which contain Tasks:

Workflow Structure

Workflow A custom-built sequence of steps through which a document or series of documents must pass for your company’s business. A DocStar ECM workflow not only reproduces your company’s process, but also improves your paper-based business reducing errors and decreases response times.
Steps Major check points or stages of the workflow that determines the behavior and the order in which the workflow moves between the stages. These can be used in multiple combinations, such as approval routing, document archival, or accounting integration and contain multiple actions.
Actions The type of function required to complete the step containing tasks to complete. Actions sequentially execute; meaning they run all tasks from beginning to end inside the action before the action is considered complete. Once considered complete, DocStar saves the document on which the workflow operates.
Tasks  An activity, automated procedure, or user-response required to complete an action. This can be one or more tasks, such as requiring a user to enter the date or polling the system to retrieve a vendor name, sending the document to a recipient using email,
or formatting data to create a document title.
Branches and Conditions These options are available with Advanced Workflows.

Branches and conditions work hand-in-hand in a multi-step workflow. A branch can select the next step based on a condition that has been set to True or False. Branches can route automatically based on that condition or by interaction from the user in the user interface. There can be multiple branches and the DocStar workflow follows the first true condition encountered.

Basic Workflow

A basic workflow is a single-step workflow. This option is installed with DocStar
automatically. Use a single-step workflow for basic tasks, such as filing human resource acceptance letter. This may have several actions involved, but there is only one step to accomplish it.

Advanced Workflow

Use the Advanced Workflow add on option for DocStar to manage complex and in depth workflows. These include multiple step process, such as filing invoices or approving checks for payment. Additionally, Advanced Workflow let you branch your workflow through user selections or check true and false conditions. This means, you can have one path of steps the workflow follows if a document is approved and another set of steps if the document is denied.

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