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Properly configured workflows will allow your organization to manage its documents in the digital world.

Clicking on the Workflow tab in the Navigation Panel will display the Workflow Queues.

workflow tab

Also note that when new items arrive in workflow that are assigned to you, the Workflows section of the containers panel will display the number of new items that are present.

Work items

The Work Items section displays items that are currently active in a workflow cycle.

The list of items can filtered…

by Queue – displaying all items with Assigned to or Owned by the user selected

by Worflow – displaying all items in the specified workflow selected

wf work items

Approval Requests

The Approval Requests section displays item(s) that are pending approval.

Also note that when new approval request has been made, the Approvals section of the containers panel will display the number of new items that are present.


The Dashboard section of the Workflow panel displays information about item(s) that are currently in workflow.

Group by Assignee

Displays user accounts that have been assigned item(s) in workflow and the number of items assigned to them.  Clicking on an account will reveal more details such as how many items per workflow are assigned to that individual.

Group by Workflow

Displays the number of items in each workflow type.  Clicking on an workflow name will reveal more details who the items have been assigned to and how many per step.

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