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Task Categories

DocStar allows users to select from three different task categories: User Input, Client, and Automatic. An explanation of what each is, and how they work together is below. Tasks run inside of actions and run in order, from top to bottom.

User Interface Task

 User Input tasks require some form of action from the user and include tasks such as User Prompts, Combo Boxes, Dropdowns, and Approvals, but also include Display Messages and Datalink Searches.

User Input tasks can be run inside of the same action as other User Input tasks and Automatic Tasks, but cannot run in the same action as a Client Task. If they are combined with Automatic Tasks that are reliant on information from those User Input Tasks, the UI tasks must be placed before the Automatic Tasks.

Client Task

 Client tasks are dependent on having the DocStar Client installed and configured. Client tasks include tasks like OCR, Splitting, and Barcoding.

Client tasks cannot be combined inside the same action as User Input tasks but can be combined with Automatic Tasks.

Automatic Task

Automatic tasks run without user input and include tasks such as Advanced Format, Grant Permissions, Compare Verify, and Clear Approvals.

When relying on information collected by a User Input task, they must be placed after the UI task(s). Automatic Tasks can be combined inside the same action as Client Tasks and User Input tasks.

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