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The Actions dropdown menu displays the options that are available for the selected item(s).

When an menu item indicates a feature that can be enabled/disabled, a checkmark will indicate it is “on”.  To turn off a feature, select it and the checkmark will be removed.

The following options are available in the  Action menu:

Add To Package
Adds the document to a slot and package if using PackageWorks. 

This allows you to assign a status to the document of Approve, Deny, Request Approvals, Set the number of required Approvals, or Request a Mobile Approval.  The Approval actions will appear under the History > Approvals section on the left side of the screen.  When you hover your mouse over the history entry, the pop-out message displays the status and comments.

Audit Info / Audit Trail
This allows you to set whether to view or hide audit information such as Modified On, Accessed On, and Created On, or to specify that it will be inherited by the Content Type.  For additional Audit Information, refer to Admin -> Audit Trails

Document Zoom Level
Allows you to magnify or shrink your view of the document view in lieu of using a mouse wheel or touch pad zoom. Selecting either Fit option will fit the image to either the width or height of the viewing area.  Width (default) displays the document to fit within the viewable width.   Height displays the document  to fit within the viewable height.

Multiple email options are available.  You can email a document using a combination of attachment and/or link and with or without a password.  Once you select an email option, you will be prompted to enter a Subject and Address. If the Client Service application is installed and configured, you will have access to your Outlook contacts within the Email Widget.

Modify Security
Select this option to change the security of a document, inbox, or folder.  You can  add/remove user(s) or group(s) or change security permissions.  You are only able to change the security of one item at a time.

Move To
This setting allows you to move a document to a specified Inbox or Folder. 

Page Options
Allows you to Reorder Pages or Delete Pages out of your document. 

This opens the Print dialog where you can select the destination printer and number of copies.  You can print with one document selected at a time. 

Selecting the OCR or Barcode option grants the ability to draw a box on the page which will be read by the system when making a field in the Content Fields or Workflow panel active. 

Records Management
Grants access to the Record Categories Feature set, including Freezing, Unfreezing, and Setting the Cutoff Date.

Requeue Image
Content items (such as .DOCX and .XLSX) must be processed through the Distributed Queue to generate an image of the content item for display. This feature will requeue the content item, generating a new image for viewing

Save a Copy
Saves a copy of the item to the local device. Files will typically be downloaded to your workstation’s Downloads folder.

Used to rescan a page as well as scan append or scan insert new pages to the existing item.

Set Due Date
With this feature, you can set Due Date for your document. With this, the WEDS system will email the Workflow Administrator once a document has gone past its due date. Also see the Set Trigger Task for more.  

Set Start Page
If needed, you can specify a page other than page 1 to be the first page that is displayed when the document is opened.

Show Document Text
If a document has been OCR’ed, this setting can be used to display the text that has been generated as a result of this task.

Show Fields
When this option is selected, a panel of the available fields displays to the left of the document view.

Show Hits
If the content item displayed was obtained from a retrieval, Show Hits will display all locations (title, keywords, content fields, etc.) of the terms used to retrieve

Displays thumbnails of each page of the file. The default setting is Off.

Grants access to versioning features, including Check Out, Check In, and Download Draft.

View Native This view displays as a .PDF and gives you all the available options for that file type, such as printing,  saving,  zooming, and searching.   If already viewing the document  in this display, it switches the document to be viewed inside of  the DocStar viewer.

This allows you to assign an available workflow to the document, change the assignee, remove the document from the active workflow, reset the workflow, or view triggers.

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