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Two permissions, which can be assigned ad hoc or through a Security Class, apply to versioning.

version permissions

Version Documents permission

Version permission (in addition to the View permission) is required to view any prior version of a content item other than the current published one.  It also allows metadata changes, content changes, and other operations on a draft and is subject to other, applicable permissions (such as Modify)

Version Publishing permission

Version Publishing permission is required to change what version of a document is published, either by Checking In a draft, Promoting an archive, or unpublishing the Published version.

In addition to these permissions, a draft may be owned by a specific user, thereby preventing any other users from modifying it.

Draft Ownership

Drafts may be owned, meaning they can only be modified by one user – the draft owner.  A draft that is not owned may be viewed or modified to anyone with Version and other applicable permissions to that item’s security class.

draft ownership


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