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Workflow with Versioning (14.44)

Formerly, workflow was suspended when a document was checked out and could only be resumed after it was checked in and published. There have been many requests to allow workflow to operate on a draft and even to continue through a check-out or check-in operation. This now can be done.

Workflow is restricted to operating only one version of a document at a time, and that must be the latest version, which is the draft when there is one and the published version when there is no draft.

There is also a versioning-related read only property available now within workflow: $IsDraft. This property is true when the workflow is operating on a draft version. It can be used as a branch condition or as an input to a task.

Single Sign On (14.44)

Single Sign On (SSO) integrates eclipse login with your LDAP directory server using the NTLM authentication protocol supported by most browsers. When configured, explicitly logging in to eclipse is not necessary; users are recognized and authenticated by their workstation login. This applies both to the browser and the eclipse Client Service “Systray” application.

SSO is supported both for on premise and hosted solutions. In the case of hosted solutions, one client must be configured as an LDAP Proxy to allowing the eclipse server to complete authentication without otherwise allowing remote access to the LDAP server. The LDAP Proxy also simplifies configuration of our previously-released LDAP Integration features.

Barcode Enhancements (14.44)

Barcode options have been added to the lasso barcode and barcode task. You can now specify a particular barcode type and or specify what type of image enhancements to perform before doing the barcode read.

Other Enhancements (Betterizers)

2587 Testable tasks fully implemented when possible in workflow designer. 14.44.19020
9071 Barcode Task enhancements. Can select barcode type to look for. Also applies to lasso barcode. 14.44.19020

Bug Fixes

14.44.19832 (2015.02.13)

10453 Using “Single Sign On” in the systray client will no longer log off a user in the eclipse browser. 14.44.19832 2015.02.13

14.44.19747 (2015.02.10)

8504 Provisioning codes claim issues have been fixed. 14.44.19747 2015.02.10
8683 Fixed issue with “Unable to get property ‘rownumbers’ of undefined or null reference” occurring with our smart grids. 14.44.19747 2015.02.10
8700 Added functionality to convert E2 w/ Annotations to E3. 14.44.19747 2015.02.10
9001 Workflow prompt boxes display oddly in some cases has been resolved. 14.44.19747 2015.02.10
9442 Searching on a decimal field does not return expected results – fixed. 14.44.19747 2015.02.10
9464 Group approval requests are now cleared when a user in the group approves a document. 14.44.19747 2015.02.10
9725 Eclipse2 to Eclipse3 conversion-Group import exceptions no longer happen. 14.44.19747 2015.02.10
9761 Dropdowns in document meta panel now display correctly when scrolled down in meta panel. 14.44.19747 2015.02.10
9792 Blank value in dropdown/combo box no longer adds a special character to DataLink when used to insert. 14.44.19747 2015.02.10
9832 Workflow tab, sort by Assignee now stick when changing tabs. 14.44.19747 2015.02.10
9966 Database Sync Engine: Failed to sync table – Login failed for user ‘sa’ no longer occurs. 14.44.19747 2015.02.10
9981 Email links generated in Eclipse result in a “No Licenses Available” message when clicking them 14.44.19747 2015.02.10
10003 Datalink: connectivity issues resolved. 14.44.19747 2015.02.10
10047 30 seconds to open workflow tab – sql performance fixes now applied. 14.44.19747 2015.02.10
10105 14.40 EclipseExport where clause fails with a syntax error has been fixed. 14.44.19747 2015.02.10
10213 Sorting workflow screen by a Field now sorts properly 14.44.19747 2015.02.10
10217 ‘TypeError: selRows is undefined’ error no longer happens when changing assignee. 14.44.19747 2015.02.10
10220 Eclipse Client disconnects frequently – this has been resolved with a better reconnect mechanism. 14.44.19747 2015.02.10
10250 Document pager becomes disabled when multiple documents are being viewed is now fixed. 14.44.19747 2015.02.10
10279 LDAP login now works with optional UPN (wasn’t optional initially on the 14.44 rollout). 14.44.19747 2015.02.10
10315 Having only 1 concurrent license prevents creating new users as concurrent 14.44.19747 2015.02.10

15.02.19588 (2015.02.06)

4809 OCR Results were unreadable for rotated documents. 15.02.19588 2015.02.06
9412 Interactive Services Detection prompted when updating the client. 15.02.19588 2015.02.06
9545 The Independent Login Checkbox became disabled when saving. 15.02.19588 2015.02.06
9685 Frequent Mid Air Collisions no longer happen. 15.02.19588 2015.02.06
9975 When a backup path is not specified no backups will occur. 15.02.19588 2015.02.06
9148 Very long documents in the distributed queue no longer time out. 15.02.19588 2015.02.06
8174 Email page range “remember” setting is now obeyed during email/printing a document. 15.02.19588 2015.02.06
9779 Deleted documents no longer send alerts when they are past due with workflow triggers. 15.02.19588 2015.02.06
9785 Search from within workflow folder doesn’t narrow down the result sets. 15.02.19588 2015.02.06


9792 Blank option in combo boxes and dropdowns now works as expected with datalink. 14.44.19331  
9922 LDAP imported users email prefix does not match AD account fixed by using UPN. 14.44.19331  
9994 3.14 to Eclipse conversion tool fixed. 14.44.19331  
9999 Advanced scanner settings were causing systray to crash in certain instances. This no longer occurs. 14.44.19331  


8097 Email batch import does not import empty email body. 14.44.19020  
8260 Authentication cookie contained DB name. Made moving servers and databases around difficult for end users that stayed logged in overnight. 14.44.19020  
8381 Bigger box for groups on user screen. 14.44.19020  
8625 In some cases, a workflow containing a DataLink would produce a “404 Not Found” error in the workflow panel. Similar errors have been seen and fixed in the past, but another circumstance that could generate this error was found and fixed in this release. 14.44.19020  
9153 The Import Jobs page under the Admin tab now supports pagination, showing one page of results at a time, like search results and similar lists. This allows very large result sets to be returned effectively without a long delay or time-out error. 14.44.19020  
9189 Line Items now save when submitting a workflow. 14.44.19020  
9200 Approval count displayed incorrectly for approvals required in retrieve tab is now correct. 14.44.19020  
9298 Workflow DQ process fails on same document. This issue has been corrected. 14.44.19020  
9312 User verify field group task now prompts correctly. 14.44.19020  
9313 User verify field group no longer prepends doc to text. 14.44.19020  
9336 Improvements and fixes have been made to the Show Hits feature, including the ability to highlight specific values in line items and more efficient reporting of hits in document text. 14.44.19020  
9376 Documents with XMLHTTPRequest issues now open. 14.44.19020  
9402 Line items overwritten when you output to that field type. This now presents the workflow design with a warning on the save of the workflow. 14.44.19020  
9442 Searching Decimals now returns the correct data. 14.44.19020  
9506 Send Email task now allows paragraphs. 14.44.19020  
9515 A bug was fixed, which sometimes caused newly entered line items to disappear when the Enter key was pressed. 14.44.19020  
9518 Eclipse ArcGIS returns too many results when searching with quotes. 14.44.19020  
9567 Audit records may now be included when converting data from docSTAR 3.x systems to eclipse. 14.44.19020  
9573 Capture page displays split blank page by default now resolved. 14.44.19020  
9604 When the “Add to List” option is applied in a ComboBox Task, new entries are properly sorted into the list; formerly they were added to the top. 14.44.19020  
9668 SplitText task does not split on page two – application does this with $text[2] or do a join on the $text argument.
9674 Integrated retrieval now works with dates in various formats. 14.44.19020  
9740 In the Configuration tab of the client service application, the DataLink option would become sometimes become enabled by itself. This has been fixed. 14.44.19020  
9747 An error, which would sometimes occur in the Workflow Designer while creating a DataLink-driven list task, has been fixed. 14.44.19020  
9788 Fixed a bug that would disassociate a user from a company instance when their preferences were reset. 14.44.19020  
9794 An error that would occur when exporting a workflow with a DataLink-driven list task has been fixed. 14.44.19020  
9815 Fixed an issue that caused an incorrect version of the client to be downloaded with the prior release. 14.44.19020  
9878 Searching Decimals now returns the correct data (duplicate of 9442. 14.44.19020  
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