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Items & Locations

Items & Locations allows you to narrow your search results to a specific inbox or folder, including or excluding sub folders, and limit the search by content type, package, folder name, or document. 

Also, you can perform a predefined search for all items, alters, workflows, or approvals.


Fields allows you to narrow your search results to specific fields including those used by content types as well as database fields such as Title and Created Date.

search fields

How to use Search Fields

  1. Select the field name from the left-most drop-down list
  2. Then specify the criteria for that field using the other 2 input boxes
  3. Click Add to add more fields
  4. Repeat this process for each field that you’d like to use in your search


Text retrieval provides the same options as the quick search.

As you begin typing your search criteria in the Word/Phrase section, the vocabulary below will begin to populate based upon what you have typed. You can then select from the vocabulary or simply continue typing.

text search

The Text Retrieve can be used in conjunction with the Search Fields  and Items and Locations options to give a very specific search request.

How to use Text Retrieval

  1. Go to Retrieve and select Text.
  2. In the Word/Phrase field, enter your keyword(s).  Suggested text will display.
  3. To select an entry from the suggested text list, double click on it.  It will populate in  the Word/Phrase field.
  4. Click on Search.
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