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The following are descriptions of new or enhanced features in Epicor DocStar ECM 20.2.

Approval and Denial Icons

This release of Epicor ECM (DocStar) is reverting to Approval and Denial icons that were in a previous version. This is based on customer feedback.

Partial approval – white thumbs up

Request approval – double arrow with a question mark 

Approval – Green thumbs up 

Denial – Red thumbs down 

Subgroups in Mobile Approvals

Currently, Epicor ECM (DocStar) displays a Sub Group section with line items that need them. When you request a mobile approval for the document, those sub group fields were previously not visible in the mobile approvals screen. With this release, the DocStar Mobile Approval screen now displays the sub groups for those line items.

DocStar system Sub Group section:

Mobile Approval screen shows sub groups:

Workflow Stamp Sizing

This release of Epicor ECM (DocStar) introduces the ability to size and position an image stamp in the workflow edit process. Previously, when you were adding an image stamp to document, the system positioned the stamp based on an area from the top left corner. Also, you had to size the image before uploading to Epicor ECM (DocStar). Now, you can set the size of the image and set the position on the document within the Task Editor. This allows you more flexibility in positioning stamps and the convenience of image sizing at the point of adding the stamp to the workflow.

To set the location of the image stamp that you select, use the Get Region button. Then you can use the handles on the region to resize the image or move it to a different location.

This new feature pertains to image stamps. Manipulating text stamps has not changed.

Stamp Preview in Workflow Designer

While editing in the Workflow Designer and adding a step that uses a stamp that is an image, you will now see a preview. This is helpful to verify that you have selected the correct image to use as a stamp for the workflow step. The Preview area is also available on the Edit Stamps screen at Admin > Manage > Stamps.

Export Shows Full Folder Path

The CSV and HTML export of a list of stored documents is enhanced to include the full folder path. Previously, when you exported a list of documents that you retrieved in Epicor ECM (DocStar), you only saw the folder name. The list that you export as a CSV or HTML file, now shows the complete folder path. This makes it easier to know exactly where the documents are stored.

Workflow Recorder

With this release, the Workflow Recorder is available to assist in troubleshooting workflow issues and aid with testing newly created workflows. The Workflow Recorder documents the system actions as a workflow progresses. This can help you and support with looking inside the operation of a workflow to determine where a process develops problems. Also, when you create a workflow, you can test your work to verify that the workflow is functioning as expected.

As an administrator, you always have the ability to record a workflow. You can also select a specific user to be able to record a workflow. Having the ability to allow a specific user the ability to record a workflow, means that you can pinpoint issues with a single individual running a process.

To record a workflow after you assign it, you select the Record Workflow check box on the Assign Workflow box .

You also have the Record Workflow check box when restarting a workflow.

As the worklfow progresses, the system keeps track of both system and user actions. You stop the recording at any point in the flow. You also have the options to download and clear the recording.

Select the Download link to get the log, which is in an .xml file. View the .xml file in any appropriate tool. The following is an example of a portion of a recorder .xml file.


Technology Enhancements

This section addresses various technology enhancements to Epicor ECM (DocStar).

Solr/Open JDK

Upgrade from Solr 7.6 to Solr 8.5. This allows the Epicor ECM (DocStar) system to no longer rely on Oracle Java, but to use Open JDK. This results in flexibility with development, increased system reliability, and cost savings.

Accusoft Toolkit Update

Upgraded Accusoft PDF Express to support PDF 2.0 files for viewing within Epicor ECM (DocStar).

Also, get Accusoft Bar Code Express with the upgrade. This improves bar code images and adds some additional bar code support.

Database Installer Repair Mode

The Database Installer Repair is added as a tool for support and development to fix certain system performance issues in the hosted database. When your system slows down and is unable to run database queries, the database may have become corrupted. This tool attempts to repair the database.

Support for XML Namespace

Epicor ECM (DocStar) now supports the handling of XML Namespace for invoice data files. This allows Epicor ECM (DocStar) to import invoice information when the xml format requires the use of namespaces. Using namespaces in the xml invoice format is a standard for any Mexico invoices.

Exchange Web Services for Email

With this release of Epicor ECM (DocStar), you can now use Exchange Web Services for your email server. In the Epicor DocStar ECM Client, on the Batch Import tab, for Email Settings you have the EWS Email Type. The Exchange Web Services (EWS) type allows you to specify any local HTTPS exchange server location for your chosen email service. If you prefer, you can use your Microsoft 360 exchange server address. You enter your User Name and Password to access your exchange server with standard authentication. In addition, you have the option to use OAuth instead of standard authentication. See OAuth Support section for further details on this new feature.

OAuth Support for Google and Microsoft

OAuth support for Google and Microsoft email accounts has been added for the email batch import process. This provides an alternative to saving your email server credentials in Epicor ECM (DocStar) system. OAuth doesn’t share password data but instead uses authorization tokens to validate your Epicor ECM (DocStar) system credentials with your email server. OAuth is an authentication protocol that allows you to approve your Epicor ECM (DocStar) application interacting with your email service and not having to store a password within the Epicor ECM (DocStar) system. This can be used with any of the available email types that you can configure in Epicor ECM (DocStar) (IMAP, POP, EWS).

When you select to Sign in with Microsoft, you choose the account. You accept permissions, and the system completes the User Name and Server. You can then complete the rest of the email setup fields.

When you select Google for your authentication, you also choose an account, accept permissions, and the system again enters the User Name and Server.

Note: Be aware that currently during email batch import, you will receive the message page “This app isn’t verified.” This is a temporary issue that is not a security issue or a feature performance issue and you can proceed through this page. We continue to work with Google to rectify the situation.

To proceed through this message page, click the Advanced link and then click Go to Epicor ECM (DocStar) link. 

Prophet 21 Integration Enhancements

The Epicor ECM (DocStar) integration with Epicor Prophet 21 (P21) is enhanced to provide faster deployment options, more accurate invoice automation, and more comprehensive indexing capability. This version of Epicor ECM (DocStar) implements the following features for the Prophet 21 integration.

  • Multi-PO handling – You can process multiple purchase orders in a single invoice. This is available on the IDC and the PNP PO Invoice workflows. The line item list in ECM shows the purchase order that the item is associated with.
  • Misc/Landed Cost Charges – The ChargeLineP21 field group shows values for the column fields CHG_Amount and the CHG_Account for the miscellaneous and the landed cost charges. The values are passed to P21 for the invoice creation. This is available on the IDC and the PNP PO Invoice workflows.
  • Rounding Error Handling – The system detects any rounding discrepancy within a user-specified threshold amount in header or line level charges and automatically creates an offsetting miscellaneous charge.
  • Payment Detail Capture – The system shows the paid amount and open amount that still needs to be paid. The full and partial amount fields update when the window is refreshed or newly opened.
  • Additional API calls (Receipt Lookup, Receipt Line Lookup).
  • Enhanced behavior of ‘Select’ column in Field Group – In the Selected column, a check box is now in the header to select all items in the column. This is made available to customize your system.
  • Auto receipt matching & selection – The ECM AutoMatch functionality is now made available to the P21 integration. The AutoMatch feature provides improved automation with matching the order receipts against the POs. The Automatch feature operates as a background function that works to provide a receipt that goes with the PO to create an invoice.
  • PO Acknowledgment – This feature allows you to match the inbound PO Acknowledgement to the original purchase order and flag any discrepancies between them. The system uses header and line levels for matching and then can mark P21 as acknowledged when you accept the PO Acknowledgement.

Note: All of the features, except the PO acknowledgment workflow, are considered version 2 of the P21 AP Automation integration. The PO Acknowledgement feature is licensed as a separate option. Prophet 21 version 20.2 or higher is needed for all of the new features, including PO Acknowledgment.



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