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Version 20.1.177

Published: August 7, 2020

Ticket Number Description
Doc-3625 Fixed the issue with AP Automation returning inactive vendors in results.
DOC-3180 Fixed the issue with skipping date field when tabbing in Chrome.
DOC-3558 Corrected issue with the type of error the system provides when a user tries to add a Misc Line outside of the Line group.
DOC-3564 Fixed the issue with date format when DocStar is
configured for ANZ CultureCode and ERP Server is US.
DOC-3565 Fixed the issue with Epicor ERP Sales Order integration is not configured to retrieve the SysRowID value from E10.
DOC-3579 Fixed the issue with P21 Integration failing to create invoices properly under ANZ
date format.
DOC-3599 Fixed the issue with P21: IDC Auto Match with Multi PO: Determine
Solution: OK button not enabled after selecting the solution.
DOC-3619 Added use of cache for high volume of calls for client-side get content type by ID.
DOC-3621 Fixed the issue with the number of calls made related to GetReportRunner.
DOC-3623 Added use of cache for Login in server services.
DOC-3632 Changed Field Type from ‘Integer’ to ‘Text’ for
P21 V1 & V2.
DOC-3669 Fixed the issue with Read UnInvoiced Receipt Summary and Read UnInvoiced
Receipt Lines regarding Culture code en-AU.
DOC-3687 Fixed the issue with SmartLink licensing error.
DOC-3710 Fixed the issue with bad tokens causing long open connections on servers.
DOC-3717 Corrected issue with V2 VendorLookup that contains “&”.
DOC-3728 Fixed the issue with Non PO
Invoice not able to create invoice without line items.
DOC-3819 Corrected issue with E10 APv1 detected through unit testing.

Version 20.1.153

Published: July 6, 2020

Ticket Number Description
DOC-2167 Added subgroup line items to
Mobile Approval Screen.
DOC-2657 Enhanced security by encrypting AutomationService.config credentials.
DOC-2774 Fixed the issue with tax liability code for PO based workflows.
DOC-2871 Fixed the issue with unit tests on .600 golden db.
DOC-3115 Fixed the issue with DocStar user account being disabled, but being available in email recipient list.
DOC-3134 Fixed the issue with workflow when recalculating taxes.
DOC-3141 Corrected issue with Office integration Login error.
DOC-3176 Corrected issue with not being able to log in using UPN after 20.1 login page UI
DOC-3187 Corrected issue with export
to CSV folder not showing full folder path.
DOC-3225 Fixed the issue with Cloud 6 performance issues by using cache for high volume queries.
DOC-3258 Fixed the issue with the link to review an overdue document.
DOC-3260 Added use of cache for high volume of API calls to our
hosted servers.
DOC-3444 Fixed the issue with dynamic date in Docstar reports.
DOC-3452 Corrected issue with rendering of the export section of the Export Import admin page.
DOC-3494 Corrected issue that resulted in error message, “You have been denied access due to an IP
DOC-3496 Fixed the issue with Receipt Line not getting Invoiced:
receiving and receiving error, “Error trying to invoice a receipt line that doesn’t exist(or is not ready to be invoiced)”

DocStar Version 20.1.117 – 20.1.129

Published: June 12, 2020

This is a maintenance release.

Ticket Number Description
DOC-2167 Add subgroup line items to
Mobile Approval Screen.
DOC-2227 Betterizer modification to Mobile Approvals to hide the approvals accordion when there are no previous approvals to show.
DOC-2417 Corrected issue with use of a set trigger task resulting in an internal server error.
DOC-2617 Fixed the issue with SetTriggerTask and SendNotificationTask (Send Email) not having task info for the ‘Signature’ Send As setting.
DOC-2675 Fixed the issue with DocuSign
settings Save or Refresh icon disabling all buttons without saving or refreshing.
DOC-2836 Fixed the issue with Edit Scan Settings dialog using the Document Split method.
DOC-2840 Corrected issue with access due to an IP restriction.
DOC-2870 Fixed issue with the mobile approvals link.
DOC-2876: Adding the changes to infer
the miscellaneous type based on user input (amount/percentage).
DOC-2876 Corrected issue with Misc.charge type for the Amount/Percentage column.
DOC-2887 Fixed the issue with adding a group through Group Preferences which adds the last selected group instead of currently selected.
DOC-2962: Corrected issue with Spanish version not storing workflow inputs.
DOC-3100 Corrected issue with being unable to
use the select-all check box in Recycle Bin.
DOC-3101 Corrected issue with approval stamp size.
DOC-3135 Fixed the issue with margin related to Approval Icon.
DOC-3136 Corrected issue with the color of the form successful message that made it unreadable.
DOC-3143 Fixed the issue with the Create Invoice transaction losing required parameters after GetUpdate is clicked.
DOC-3165 Fixed the issue causing application crash on x86
DOC-3179 Fixed the issue with DateTime
deserialization in workflow document parameters.


Ticket Number Description
DOC-1758 Corrected issue with Cloud6 Intermittent Performance Issue.
DOC-2406 Fixed the issue with Period and Year not being captured correctly from DocStar to Prophet 21.
DOC-2761 Fixed the issue with Karmak integration with entering additional credits.
DOC-2552 Corrected issue with when Watches colors a line, the result is the user thinks the document is
DOC-1149 Corrected issue with clearing the previous search using the search bar Clear button.
DOC-932 Fixed the issue with login
session handling and file transfer.
DOC-900 Corrected issue with system performance when saving a sticky note for certain documents.
DOC-634 Corrected issue with large file size being created when scanning a document in grayscale compression.
DOC-894 Corrected issue with Datalink sort order when displaying in a typeahead.
DOC-1503 Fixed the issue with Exclude Groups option in Workflow Notification settings
not staying enabled after saving.
DOC-633 Fixed the issue with Datalinks returning &amp instead of & character causing
issues when submitting documents to workflow.
DOC-814 Fixed the issue with view permissions error after approving the document.
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