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The following documentation provides brief descriptions of new or enhanced functionality in DocStar ECM Release 18.2. Each major product addition or enhancement is discussed briefly on its own page. The following updates, improvements, and enhancements were added to the latest release.

eSignatures with DocuSign

In this release, DocStar now offers compatibility with DocuSign . DocuSign provides full capability for electronic signatures that are available anywhere from any device. Documents can be emailed providing quick delivery and return for signatures in a secure environment for items such as legal contracts, quotes, or mortgage application.

DocStar now provides seamless integration for secure, digital signatures and displays them within DocStar for management.

DocuSign Setup

Use the DocStar ECM Admin tab to apply your DocuSign Settings. If using a trial account, select the Trial Account check box and then click Set Designated Service User to sign in and continue. For more information about these Admin settings, see Setting Up DocuSign in DocStar.

Signature Requests

One key aspect of this integration includes issuing DocuSign signatures from within DocStar ECM. These requests are issued either directly by a user using the Action menu on the document or using a workflow task.

For user-initiated requests, the signee must login to the DocuSign account when prompted with the user login assigned and follow the steps provided. For more information about this option, see Requesting Signatures Ad Hoc.

For workflows, the Request Signature task creates an envelope and sends the document that needs to be signed in the background without user interaction:

For more information about setting up the Request Signature task, see Using Request Signatures Tasks.

For complete information about how DocuSign works with DocStar, refer to the following:

  • About DocuSign and DocStar help documentation.
  • Epicor University Training on Demand videos. Review fifteen different micro-learning sessions to help you get up and running using DocuSign.

DataLink Enhancements

In this release, functionality allowing the management of external data tables has been improved:

  • Custom Tables – Allows view and edit access to specified custom tables, such as Approver Tier Tables drop down lists.
  • Set Replace Columns – Allows adding or replacing column data. For example, you may want to add the company ID to an invoice even if that field or column does not inherently exist on the invoice.

Fields and Field Group Enhancements

In this release, new Real-Time Formulas allow for formula calculations to take place immediately while using the document or workflow. For example, if a user changes the extended cost column value, the system automatically recalculates and displays the new value immediately.

Usability Enhancements

In this release, the following enhancements aim to improve the overall usability in DocStar:

  • Horizontal Field Groups – Select field groups to view in the Horizontal Field Group area providing better visibility and making your work space more efficient. For example, you may want to view invoice line item details without having to scroll across the window.
  • Keyboard Shortcuts – Navigate the through information panel fields without having to use a mouse. New keyboard shortcuts make your work easier, such as using the Enter key to open a document or Ctrl+Alt+P to print.
  • Field Group View Sort Preference – Sort the table data by headers for your workspace using the left hand, side panel, such as Line Items. For example, you have an invoice with four line items. You want to sort the Line Items table panel by Qty, not by Item. You can click the header to sort this table, as needed. DocStar saves your sort preference if you navigate away from this page, so when you use the Line Items table again, the same sorting preference is used.
  • Out of Office Setting – Easily assign your outstanding workflow tasks to designated personnel while you are out of the office. 

    For Administrative users, the Admin > Manage > Out of the Office Forwarding option lets you view any users who have the Out of Office option activated:
  • Related Documents Rule Capabilities – Prior to this release, custom-related document rules could only be matched based on two factors using ANY and ALL, where either some fields had to match or all fields had to match. Now you can match on custom identifiers, if your company needs require it, by building your own query with AND, OR, and NOT as well as parenthesis and hard-coded field values. In this case you can create a matching option, such as VendorID AND (PONum OR CheckNum) asking the system to return any match with the correct vendor ID and either a match on the PO number or the check number. This provides more flexibility for your users. 
  • Default and Existing User/Group Preferences – Apply broad preference settings to new and existing users and groups. For example, you have a new user preference for viewing job applications. You can assign the new preference to the entire department of recruiters in your human resources department. For more information, see Managing Group Preferences.

Workflow Task Enhancements

In this release, the following options have been added to the workflow feature:

  • Advanced Math Task (New) – Use several output options using the expression builder to make the math task work best for you. The new options provide more conditions so that math calculations can be completed in fewer tasks. Additionally, you can combine numeric and text-based information. For more information, see Using the Advanced Math Task.
  • Wait For Task (Enhancement) – Use the new Limit ___ Hours option in the Wait For task to specify a number of hours to let a task “sleep.” After the indicated time frame, the workflow can proceed to the next step regardless of getting a true result on the input. For example, your internal processes may need a supervisor to review a check, but if the amount is below $100, it’s not required. The system can wait for 24 hours for until the invoice is reviewed and then proceed to pay the invoice regardless of review. Leave this field blank when the Wait For task is required. To use this option, the EnableWaitForTaskPolling option must be activated from the Admin > System Setting area. For more information, see Using the Wait For Task.
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