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DocStar Version 18.2.39097

Published: October 31, 2018, Beta release

Note: All the following enhancements were suggested through Betterizer except 9272.

Ticket  Number Description
9272 You can now reset your password, as needed.
12369 Automatically remove email address that populates the To: box and set the email Subject to the document title.
12629 You can now exit the Form Editor without having to click on anything in the left-hand panel.
12976 Resolved issues with expected behavior on the security class for Forms.
13176 Added feature for Admin users to see the last login date/time when a user has been selected.
13824 You can now Sort the workspace table data by headers, such as Line Items, and the system remembers your selection even when you navigate away.
13847 You can now set custom default user preferences for all new users.
13981 Added ability to set maximum length for field groups and line items.
14057 Ability for one user to assume the role of another temporarily, such as when a user is on vacation, with new Out of Office options in User Preferences.
14586 Allows real-time, line-item math for computed fields.
16515 Added new keyboard shortcuts to increase efficiency.
16975 Activated keyboard arrow keys to allow moving fields in the Retrieve List and the G/L grid.
18324 Ability to create a package instance on demand.
18389 Added a Terminate Workflow option on the Retrieve tab’s Action menu.
13545 Ability to change workflows for large amounts of documents at once.
19074 Updated the Client Service:

  • New pagination allows for better viewing. Limit is 100.
  • Added Clear option to clear data from both tabs.
  • Enabled Login and Save buttons and display success message.
  • Incorrect login/password sets service back to original settings.
  • View password option enabled.
  • Option added for Expand/Collapse capabilities.
  • Added a “Move to” option for both Batch Import options (completion and failure).
  • OnCompletion option new has three options: Leave, Delete, and MoveTo.
20640 Allows real-time, line-item match for Resolving Dependencies.
20670 Moves formula editor for fields into a dialog box with an Edit icon for easy access.
20675 If a field being calculated is part of a larger form, the system now uses the fields prior to the other fields that already exist on the form.
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