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New Features / Betterizers

New Features:

Unsubscribe Link (17.52)

The ‘unsubscribe’ link can now be removed or moved from the workflow notification process.

Form Field Required (17.52)

Form fields can now be set at required, when needed, in the Form Designer.

Anonymous Guest Access (17.52)

You can now permit view-only users to perform searches and create saved searches on your content. These guess access users can review public documents using a proxy login. They receive an emailed link which creates a guest login account when activated.

DocStar ECM Mobile Application (17.52)

The DocStar Mobile Application allows you to retreive and view content, approve, and email on the go. Available on the App Store and Google Play for iOS and Android devices as of 3/30/2018.

Capture Enhancements (17.52)

Major improvements to the Capture screen have been added. Advanced Scan Settings may be saved per Content Type, Split and Merge functionality have been added, the Column Chooser is available, and the Content Type selector has grown larger and uses TypeAhead. There have been many new additions as well. See below for more!

PackageWorks (17.52)
PackageWorks is a licensed module for DocStar ECM which empowers you to build, track, and send structured collections of documents for a variety of business purposes.

Prompt for Groups Task (17.52)

Groups may now be selected in Workflow and the Prompt for User task has been renamed to Prompt for Groups (or users)

Selecting Multiple Form Elements (17.20)

Forms designers may now select multiple form elements by clicking and dragging, ctrl-clicking or shift-clicking.

Copy and Paste Form Elements (17.20)

Form elements may now be copied and pasted either with the copy and paste icons in the element options tab or by using the keyboard shortcuts ctrl-c for copy and ctrl-v for paste.

Create Subgroups Task (17.10)

A Create Subgroups task has been added to the Workflow Designer to allow you to add field groups inside of other field groups.

Set Trigger Task (17.06)

A Set Trigger task has been added to the Workflow Designer to send an email notification based on if the document is overdue.

Mobile Approval Request System (17.06)

The Mobile Approval Request System can send out a link to a mobile device and allow mobile users to approve Documents or Packages.  These requests can be manually sent out with selected fields or this process can be set up through a workflow task to automatically sent out.

Screen shots below demonstrate the mobile view of the main page once clicked in email and the swipe to the document viewer.


DocStar Version 17.52.36994

18590 A new Capture tab has been added to the Content Type Builder allowing users to store default scan settings per Content Type
18157 A new task has been added, Prompt for Group, which allows users to make a selection from a list of DocStar Groups
16470 Users without capture or import privileges no longer will see the Capture tab
16001 The Content Type selector in the Capture screen now uses Type Ahead
15996 The width of the Content Type selection box has been increased on the Capture screen
15557 When using Kiosk mode and switching workstations, the Client Service will follow a user’s machine ID when the user logs in to a different machine
14779 The capture screen now displays “Upload” instead of “Submit”
14740 Users may now set zonal barcode splitting options on the Capture screen
14359 The Capture tab in the Content Type Builder lets users set Auto View settings per Content Type
13141 The Split on Barcodes task now contains information regarding the “Barcode Change” setting
12311 Split and Merge operations are now available within the Capture screen
11296 The Barcode task allows user to specify only looking at the first page for when setting regions
11162 The Barcode Split task is now able to use the $Barcodes property to preserve barcode data and use it for further workflow capabilities. This functionality also exists on Capture
10736 Users may now drag and drop thumbnails to reorder documents. This saves automatically
10516 Type ahead Combo Boxes now show matches in bold, rank suggestions, and alphabetize matches when a result starts with the letters entered
10261 Security Class and Groups screens now have a notes section for detailing policies by group
9790 DocStar will no longer ask to burst before splitting or deleting pages
9128 The Capture screen now allows for customized columns in the column chooser

DocStar Version 17.20.36189

17998 You can now use Search Fields to search for which user last modified an item with “Modified By
17677 Users may now click and drag to select multiple form elements in the Forms Editor
17676 Copy and Paste ability added to Forms Editor
16923 Date and Date/Time-based elements can now be left blank in forms
13963 DQTrickle now exists as a system service instead of a command prompt
13908 Ctrl-click and Shift-click functionality has been added for selecting multiple form elements
12862 A site setting has been added to allow setting all panels collapsed as a default for new users
11945 DocStar will now ask for verification when restoring deleted items from the Recycle Bin
11641 When assigning a new workflow to an item that has completed its previous workflow, DocStar will no longer notify users that this will remove it from the current workflow
11617 Export to CSV function now allows users to only export selected items or all pages of the entire list of retrieved items
11241 Site Admin has been added as a category when selecting user types on the Edit User page
11101 Search Fields now operate in the same way that they behave when viewing a document
11099 When using Scan Replace/Append/Insert, DocStar remains focused on the new page instead of returning to the first page of the document
11097 Users may now clear credentials out of the login tab in the Client Service application
11073 The entire metadata panel scrolls as one item instead of having multiple scroll bars
11057 The Send to DocStar will always remember the most recently used Content Type
10932 Burst Content Item is no longer a selectable option on documents which have already been burst or are single-page documents
10930 Burst Content and Split Document have been added as Page Options inside of the Actions Menu
10925 Search location select is now remembered as a user preference and can be set by Site Admins
10919 DocStar will now prompt users to burst documents before splitting if a burst needs to be performed
10871 Related Documents, Versioning, and Line Items panels may now be hidden by Content Type using the “Hide Unnecessary Panels” box in the Advanced Content Type Builder
10806 When submitting a Betterizer or Emailing Support, users no longer need to click an attach button after choosing an upload.
10539 The Send Email task now includes a checkbox to attach related documents. Also, if attachments exceed 7 MB, a download link will be automatically generated
10480 The OCR task now allows the ability to include RegEx statements to ensure captured data meets field requirements
10338 When changing assignee on a workflow item, a “Send Email” check box has been added
10165 The “All” / “Full” permissions have been moved to the top of the permissions column lists
9813 Users may now Bulk Retry Workflow for when multiple workflows have entered exception states. Click List Action -> Workflow dropdown menu
9672 Super Users may be filtered out of the import/export window
9220 Reset Workflow has been added to the Workflow Actions menu in the Retrieve screen
8825 Windows Send-To (Right-click on a file in explorer, Send To menu) will now remember the most recently used Content Type
8524 Saved Searches can now include specified columns
8518 Approvers/Deniers column added to the retrieve grid with sorting. Searches may also be performed for approvers and deniers
6662 The Workflow Panel will now automatically refresh; when OCR is being performed, there is now no need to manually refresh, and OCR messages will display as the process completes
6122 The Buzz Space may now be collapsed

DocStar Version 17.14.36012

18620 Dropdown datalinks are able to perform cascading look-ups based on multiple parameters entered on a form.

DocStar Version 17.14.35794

12670 Site settings such as retrieve and workflow column headers, panel status and order, can now be specified as a company default by site admins by clicking the “Include Layout” button in user preferences

DocStar Version 17.14.35643

18457 Added a ‘Restrict Workflow Queues‘ system setting. Setting it to true will require the Workflow Administrator permission in order to see other queues. If unchecked, anyone can see all workflow queue items in the list. (Security Classes still apply — users who are unable to access items still can’t open them)
18400 When emailing multiple page documents, users now have the ability to send as multiple PDFs instead of a zip file
18246 The audit trail now tracks changes to scanner settings

DocStar Version 17.14.35025

10789 The Saved Search dropdown is now wider and displays more text.
17928 Users who wish to send emails to external parties now have the ability to send an email from DocStar without including an attachment.
15222 Scan Append/Insert/Replace now includes options to set margins and threshold.
14746 Printing and emailing now have separate settings for when to use or not use the Client Service application.
14252 Users can now scroll through documents and rotate pages without being prompted to save on each page turn.
17675 Rulers are now present when placing form elements to allow for more accuracy in designing a form.

DocStar Version 17.14.34746

17406 Approvals will only be shown in the Workflow panel when users are being prompted for an approval in workflow.
17404 A new prompt has been added to delete a form when users attempt to navigate away from an unsaved form. After saving, the delete option will no longer be available
17809 Users can now prevent approvals from being reset when editing parts of a form. Options have been included to now either remove an approval when a field is edited or when certain sections are edited.
17405 When designing forms, you can now choose to show or hide the Save button on the form itself. (The save button on the metadata panel will still remain)
17403 Forms can now become uncompleted without requiring them to first be versioned.
17399 Users can now allow form pages to dictate whether modifications on them will reset approvals.
17400 When uploading attachments to a form, users no longer have to leave edit mode to view non-form content items.
17401 Navigating to additional pages is now possible while in edit mode. The Distributed Queue will now prioritize additional form pages / attachments. (Security class dependent)

DocStar Version 17.14.34708

17410 Users can now set Print Import and Office Integration Defaults.
17399 Users can reset approvals on forms
16122 Workflow can be deferred when external users are interacting with forms

DocStar Version 17.06.34406

17410 Users can now set Print Import and Office Integration Defaults.

DocStar Version 17.10.33746

15494 Hyperlinks can now be used in forms
9224 We’ve added they ability to include/exclude subfolders when using Look In to search within a folder
1926 Password Protected PDFs and Office documents can now be given passwords per content type using the content builder

DocStar Version 17.6.33519

15728 A new option to “Create as a single file” has been added to allow you to save several content items as a single PDF

DocStar Version 17.6.33139

16007 List View added to the Workflow Designer, allowing all tasks to be displayed in a tree-like view.
15493 A “Synchronize Value” check box has been added to the Values panel in the “Element Options” tab for Form elements, allowing you to have a form field value populate on subsequent pages of a Form.
15086 Added the ability to append a user UPN to an existing account using the LDAP user import feature
14490 Added the ability to merge lists in workflow designer
13997 Implemented a new workflow triggers system, which includes the Set Trigger Task for designating who should be notified when a workflow item is delayed.
13980 Now you can select multiple documents that are awaiting user prompts and select the multi-prompt option to see all the prompts in one window
9293 We’ve added a visual indicator when searching.  Now you will see a spinner display until search results are returned
7379 Now you can enable or disable specific tasks and/or actions in workflow
7595 We’ve added the ability to assign record categories through the list action menu
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