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Search and Update Task (16.24)


This new task in workflow can find other content and update their fields and or field groups.  This is useful when one piece of content needs to update others.

Search Task (16.24)

This task returns a count of hits when used.  This can assist with matching data internal to eclipse or prevent duplicate content from existing.

Forms Module (16.04)

Forms Navigator

The Forms module allows digital forms to be designed, filled out, and processed in eclipse. Each instance of a form is a special type of document whose content is a combination of a blank form (called a form template) and metadata filled in by users or by automated processes. Forms can be filled in, printed, etc. subject to users’ permissions. They can also participate in versioning and workflow.

Datalink Enhancements (16.04)

Datalinks can now take default parameters from values that belong to a document’s field. Datalinks can be applied to combo boxes or drop downs can also fill out other fields. The datalink page allows mapping of returned data to any fields available. If the field is available it will be written to that field.

ComboBox and Dropdowns can populate other fields (normal fields or fields in field groups) and
display datalink results.

Content Fields can be passed in as parameters to queries in Datalinks and are context sensitive to being a document field vs a field in a field group.

Datalink Search Workflow Task: This task allows you to pass information to datalink and search a remote data source to retrieve meta data for your content.

New Email Widget (16.04)

email widget

Email widget has been streamlined and integrated with Outlook.

CompareVerifyThreshold Task (16.04)


Compares two input values and determines if the first is close enough to the second according to threshold settings. If no output is specified, the workflow is halted if the result is false.

Other Enhancements (Betterizers)

13949 A new option has been added to the content type builder for Non-Image PDFs to control Color Bit Depth 16.48.33426
16817 A new system setting has been added called “requestApprovalsWarningThreshold” that will display a warning message before requesting approvals from a group where the threshold is exceeded 16.48.32321
14232 The DMS utility’s user interface was updated to reduce the surface area of click ability surrounding checkboxes to prevent accidental selection 16.48.32321
13962 The DMS utility now runs as a system service 16.48.32321
13676 A new path map file feature has been added to the DMS utility to allow for specifying a text file for locating content files 16.48.32321
13675 Site administrators now have access to the Authentication Providers page to configure your own sites LDAP or SAML integration 16.48.32321
9245 The import job management tab now includes document and page counts in results 16.48.32321
16309 A new system setting has been added to allow workflows to run with a proxy user that has site administrative privileges 16.42.31946
16233 The auto selection of a document is now off by default in user preferences 16.42.31946
16229 The batch import tab has been removed from the capture tab. Batch import configurations can be created from the batch import tab on the Eclipse client 16.42.31946
15521 The cancellation of a form will no longer cause the creation of a new blank form.  A message box will now be presented 16.42.31946
15142 Improvements were made to the recycle bin that include: a limit box to limit the amount of records returned and a change that prevents the scroll bar from over lapping the buttons on the bottom of the window 16.42.31946
14189 The width of the saved search box has been increased 16.42.31946
13848 Default user preferences can now be set for a site and an option to reset them has been added 16.42.31946
13837 Workflow Designer now adds a step as a new branch, not in line with an existing branch 16.42.31946
13834 We’ve added the ability to create users in bulk and send them a custom welcome email 16.42.31946
10482 You can now split documents after a pre-defined number of pages 16.42.31946
10284 A new “AdminCanProcessQueueOnly” application setting has been added. When true only site and super admins can dequeue items to process 16.42.31946
10016 A new client system setting “Include Email Header On Email Preview” has been added. When true the fields TO, FROM, SUBJECT and DATE are rendered at the top of the email if available 16.42.31946
9913 Documents in staging grid are now ordered the same way as scanned, using separation 16.42.31946
9812 New options have been added to email importing using Office Integration: [1] Create new documents for each attachment and [2] Exclude original email 16.42.31946
16212 Added the ability to force user log off.  The option is now located on the licensing page by clicking on the arrow next to the concurrent user license 16.24.31729
16364 A related document search now applies an “AND” or an “OR” conjunction across multiple fields per the AnyRelatedField/AllReleatedFields selection of a content type. 16.24.31124
13876 Type ahead datalinks used in field groups have been expanded to display the entire result length 16.24.30196
11230 A new hide from workflow option has been added to the edit workflow dialog window. 16.24.30196
10928 The width of the left navigation panel now persists after logout 16.24.30196
10307 If advanced capture settings are used, any settings that were previously duplicated on the basic settings section will now be hidden 16.24.30196
9127 The “Prompt for User” task can now be filtered to a specific group by choosing the “Select Group” option from the task dialog window 16.24.30196
8605 A “Remove from Inbox” workflow task has been added 16.24.30196
8505 The assign workflow dropdown list has been expanded to allow more characters 16.24.30196
8240 Document titles are now visible on the distributed queue management screen to allow for easier identification of content during troubleshooting 16.24.30196
8138 A page column has been added to the capture grid to display the page counts of captured content 16.24.30196
7780 A color picker has been added to workflow steps to aid in task organization 16.24.30196
6729 Workflow steps can now be copied and pasted via a right click on the workflow step 16.24.30196
4419 The help message for page splitting has been adjusted for better clarity 16.24.30196
15164 A new “Completion Message” option has been added in the Advanced section under form options to change the message that is displayed on externally filled forms when they are submitted 16.04.29556
13473 Datalinks can now display multiple columns, set other columns, and take in other document fields as parameters. 16.04.29463
14356 Document counts and selected document counts are now displayed on the bottom of the capture screen grid 16.04.29463
14270 An option called “List Values Only” has been added to the combo box task to prevent additions to a predefined list 16.04.29463
14246 Multiple attachments can now be added to a form before submission 16.04.29463
14165 The default value is now selected when focus is placed on a decimal field using forms. This allows the value to be cleared easily when typing begins. 16.04.29463
14420 Batch imports can now be limited. The option has been added to the batch import screen. 16.04.29335
3820 You can now approve multiple documents at once 16.04.29204
15152 reCAPTCHA can now be used with forms for more information on Google’s reCAPTCHA see https://www.google.com/recaptcha 16.04.29204
10434 Support SSO via SAML 16.04.28059
13636 Confirmation of form submission 16.04.28059
13639 You can now use the tab key to move through form fields 16.04.28059
13833 Datalink dropdowns now accept parameters. 16.04.28059
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