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Bug Fixes

16.48.33518 (2017.4.14)

17532 The message “You have not enough named licenses” will no longer appear when attempting to add a user to a group 2017.04.14
15389 Workflows using “Split on Blank Pages” will no longer assign documents to the DQ processor user instead of the original assignee 2017.04.14
17511 Batch import scheduled time settings once again save correctly 2017.04.14
17558 The option to turn off “Remove Barcode Cover Sheet” in Batch Import now remains off when unchecked once again 2017.04.14

16.48.33426 (2017.4.07)

17489 Get region for an OCR task will once again remains persistent if you close the task and re-open it in the workflow designer 2017.04.07
17469 The error “Unable to get property isValid of undefined or null reference” when adding fields to a document manually has been eliminated 2017.04.07
17434 We’ve modified the reports parameter section to prevent issues with layout 2017.04.07
17414 The workflow submit button has been modified to prevent it from becoming enabled prior to a previous workflow execution completion 2017.04.07
17392 Corrected an inconsistency with lasso and barcode reading 2017.04.07
17331 Address an issue that prevented the addition of named users 2017.04.07
17222 When using batch import the error “Could not find file… filename.csv” will no longer occur when the CSV file does not contain any data 2017.04.07
17083 LDAP Imported View Users will no longer receive a “Password cannot be blank” error 2017.04.07
17054 The Datalink Search task will now select the correct value after sorting by a column in the UI 2017.04.07
16876 Datalink values using an ”&”  will now display correctly 2017.04.07
16819 Search Sorting options in User Preferences now save correctly 2017.04.07
16721 Workflow Designer will no longer refresh after adding a task using the Edge browser 2017.04.07
16441 Corrected a condition that would cause view only users to lose their group membership 2017.04.07
16428 Removed the duplicate site setting “Remove Ad Hoc Permission On Security Class Change” 2017.04.07
14732 Corrected an issue where the print dialogue box does not open when printing a PDF using the Eclipse client 2017.04.07
13243 The Save to Eclipse button in Outlook now correctly hides security classes that you do not have rights to see 2017.04.07

16.48.33232 (2017.3.24)

17372 The summary of the DataLink Field Group Task, which appears in the tasks lists in the Action Editor, was backwards.  It showed “<fieldName> TO | FROM <datalinkName>” 2017.03.24
17335 Saving a copy of a document as PDF will no longer cause some images in the document to become inaccessible 2017.03.24
17265 Now all attachments are imported when using the Outlook integration as expected 2017.03.24
17249 The error “Nullable object must have a value” will no longer occur when you click on test import for an XML or QSP import 2017.03.24
16348 Mouse over the output fields of a Datalink search task now report the proper data type 2017.03.24
15577 Upgrading a view user to a named user once again works as expected 2017.03.24

16.48.33077 (2017.3.10)

17284 Command prompts will no longer appear when rendering Office documents 2017.3.10
17256 Corrected an issue that would cause the error “Incoming request has too many parameters” when clicking on the users link in the admin panel 2017.3.10
16855 Site administrators will no longer receive the message “Document Requires View Right” when trying to process a workflow item with a user account that is not a part of any security class group 2017.3.10

16.48.32843 (2017.2.25)

17200 Batch imports no longer fail with the error: “Error Writing to file” 2017.2.25
17180 Clicking log off from the license screen will no longer cause the error:  “User Account not found” 2017.2.25
17145 Batch imports that use blank page separation or barcode split no longer fail with a “Could not find file” error 2017.2.25
17048 Adding a user to a group will no longer cause the user to become unsubscribed to receiving emails 2017.2.25
16997 The Reports page once again displays all data as expected 2017.2.25
16996 Fixed an issue that could cause the error “Key Not Found” when rendering images 2017.2.25
16965 The license refresh button once again works as expected 2017.2.25
16619 Rendering of excel documents will once again be sized properly 2017.2.25
16450 Fixed an issue with importing Excel documents that would cause the error “Excel documents cannot be loaded using ImGearFileFormats.LoadPage. Please use ImGearFileFormats.LoadDocument instead.” 2017.2.25

16.48.32321 (2017.2.10)

16953 Emails with links to content are once again linked to the correct version of the content 2017.2.10
16353 The error “Index was out of range. Must be non-negative and less than the size of the collection. Parameter name: index” is no longer received when the first result returned in search is a folder 2017.2.10
16294 The error “Object Reference not set to an instance of an object” is no longer received after viewing content following completion of a workflow 2017.2.10
15828 The browser file select import feature once again works as expected 2017.2.10
14227 PDFs will low resolution images will no longer appear blurry after rendering 2017.2.10
13879 Field group items are now ordered by when they were entered 2017.2.10
13538 As originally intended, UI and Client tasks can no longer be used with in the same action 2017.2.10
12556 You can now search for content using the “NOT” (case sensitive) or “-” character operators. 2017.2.10
10252 Workflow notification emails are once again correctly linked 2017.2.10
9968 Re-importing LDAP users will no longer cause the user to be disassociated with their existing groups 2017.2.10

16.42.32370 (2016.12.30)

16960 Logging into the Eclipse client will no longer cause your web session to disconnect 2017.01.27
16937 User security actions such as saving a new password or adding to a group will no longer cause an internal server error 2017.01.27
16936 The correct URL is now used when using integrated retrieval with a web browser session open 2017.01.27
16928 The error “Parameter is not valid” is no longer received when checking in a document 2017.01.27
16916 Saving batch import configurations of CSV, XML and QSP once again save as expected 2017.01.27
16847 A new company setting called “Min. Image PDF DPI” has been added to adjust the quality of PDF’s with text overlays 2017.01.27
16749 Emails sent from the Workflow Email Digest System are once again consistently delivered 2017.01.27
16104 Now elements on forms keep their position static when selecting a value from a field backed by a type ahead datalink 2017.01.27

16.42.31946 (2016.12.30)

16216 An occasional “String was not recognized as a Valid DateTime” error when entering a date has been resolved 2016.12.30
16117 When using the Workflow Submit Action of “Submit and move to next selected item”, the next workflow field to be completed is once again selected 2016.12.30
15959 Clicking on the checkbox to deselect content on the retrieve grid now works as intended 2016.12.30
15943 Now datalinks populate other fields within a form field group when the minimum character property is set greater than 0 2016.12.30
15925 The auto wild card preference now works as expected when you search using an alphanumeric phrase 2016.12.30
15868 The approval panel now allows the use of scrolling 2016.12.30
15778 Purging items from the recycle bin will no longer cause an error message when there are more than 5000 records to purge 2016.12.30
15758 A 404 error is no longer received when clicking submit after scanning 2016.12.30
15735 Thumbnail images once again display properly 2016.12.30
15666 Tabbing on search fields from the retrieve screen now works as expected 2016.12.30
15651 The display message workflow task will no longer take cursor focus 2016.12.30
15619 The error “TypeError: t[0] is null”  will no longer occur if one of the returned columns is NULL using type ahead Datalinks 2016.12.30
15432 Certain circumstances would cause the workflow panel to appear cut off, this has been corrected. 2016.12.30
15411 Combo boxes once again take cursor focus when used in workflow 2016.12.30
15362 A newly created annotation will no longer delete if the backspace key is used in a text box on the workflow panel 2016.12.30
15315 When using Internet Explorer in windowed mode the folder tooltip is no longer duplicated 2016.12.30
15267 Content type builder field order is now maintained when using site settings export/import 2016.12.30
15209 Adding a workflow action to the library when it already exists will no longer remove it from the workflow without warning 2016.12.30
15208 The recycle bin now uses pagination to display results 2016.12.30
15205 Clicking on the thumbnail scroll bar will no longer prevent the image from displaying 2016.12.30
15163 “Invalid File Type” is no longer received when a adding a JPEG image to a form. 2016.12.30
14736 Changing an annotation background color will no longer prevent you from making it transparent again 2016.12.30
14559 The mouse scroll wheel will now allow for zooming on completed forms 2016.12.30
14426 A user account can now be created on a site that contains only named licenses and has no license seats available 2016.12.30
13662 Now when adding a new line item in a field group with no sort selected the new item isn’t sorted 2016.12.30

16.24.31808 (2016.12.16)

15420 LDAP import is now filtered to the instance you are importing to 16.24.31808 2016.12.16
15817 The “&” character will no longer cause an error when generating a virtual cover sheet. 16.24.31808 2016.12.16
16127 Importing a document using the default workflow will now properly audit the users IP address 16.24.31808 2016.12.16
16335 The XML data type used in ReportWorks is now converted to a string to prevent a “Key Not Found” error.   We’ve also improved messaging to notify users when a non-supported data type is used. 16.24.31808 2016.12.16
16523 Improved the performance of re-indexing sites 16.24.31808 2016.12.16
16581 Improved the performance of writing content to storage 16.24.31808 2016.12.16
16691 User accounts that are being used for distributed queue processing will no longer receive multiple emails if their account has not yet been opted out from receiving them 16.24.31808 2016.12.16

16.24.31729 (2016.12.09)

16797 Usernames can now contain an apostrophe ( ‘ ) 16.24.31729 2016.12.09
16784 Content that has been purged will no longer remain in the recycle bin 16.24.31729 2016.12.09
16622 SQL query limitation removed for MatchVendorItems query 16.24.31729 2016.12.09
16591 Users can now be authenticated using UserPrincipleName (UPN) or sAMAccountName when using LDAP 16.24.31729 2016.12.09
16575 We’ve eliminated a mid-air collision error when running a workflow with 2 search update tasks 16.24.31729 2016.12.09
16445 Splitting on blank pages will no longer cause the error “AWS Bucket Name cannot be blank” 16.24.31729 2016.12.09
16207 The “Internal Error Value1:9014” message has been addressed when scanning with barcode 16.24.31729 2016.12.09
15144 Rendering of large files will no longer time out and fail the rendering process 16.24.31729 2016.12.09
11805 Some audit entries were duplicated.  We’ve de-duplicated these. 16.24.31729 2016.12.09

16.24.31309 (2016.11.11)

16511 The email unsubscribe link has been moved further down to avoid accidental clicks 16.24.31309 2016.11.11
16462 Several new application settings were added to provide more control over both the username and user principal name of users imported from LDAP. Username can now be the email address (default) or true UPN or implied UPN. User principal name can be true or implied user principal name. 16.24.31309 2016.11.11

16.24.31124 (2016.10.28)

16496 Searches for non-admin users are now slightly faster as we’ve removed some unnecessary requests 16.24.31124 2016.10.29
16358 Users are no longer prevented from logging in after opting out of receiving emails 16.24.31124 2016.10.29
16209 Eclipse clients with special characters in their machine ids now connect successfully in kiosk mode 16.24.31124 2016.10.29

16.24.30689 (2016.09.23)

16002 The OCR shortcut option once again works as expected 16.24.30689 2016.09.23

16.24.30283 (2016.08.26)

16005 IP addresses are once again included in the auditing of email actions 16.24.30283 2016.08.26
15992 The preview image of a completed form displays will no longer display wrong totals if “Render As Text” is enabled on form elements 16.24.30283 2016.08.26

16.24.30196 (2016.08.19)

15930 Removed the leading and trailing spaces from list form fields 16.24.30196 2016.08.19
15221 An “Access to the path ..\ Accusoft.BarcodeXpress.Common. denied” is no longer received when attempting to process barcode 16.24.30196 2016.08.19
15214 The # symbol can now be used when passing information via command line to
16.24.30196 2016.08.19
15006 The error “Failed to locate or invoke application” when sending data to Astria.Client.Systray.exe no longer occurs 16.24.30196 2016.08.19
14760 Files are now imported in the order that they were created when using directory batch import 16.24.30196 2016.08.19
14684 Burst documents no longer launch an individual application instance of each page when printing or emailing, instead the content is launched only once 16.24.30196 2016.08.19
14216 Processing barcode will no longer cause the automation service to stop 16.24.30196 2016.08.19
14180 Scanning with barcode splitting will no longer cause Astria.Client.Systray.exe to stop 16.24.30196 2016.08.19
13159 Imports of email messages are once again processed correctly from the distributed queue 16.24.30196 2016.08.19
11927 The option to retain workflow history has been added to change workflow task dialog 16.24.30196 2016.08.19
11668 The error “Object reference not set to an instance of object” is no longer received when using a sync action that sends an email 16.24.30196 2016.08.19
11408 The show hits feature now shows all hit locations 16.24.30196 2016.08.19
9968 Re-importing LDAP users will no longer cause the user to be disassociated with their existing groups 16.24.30196 2016.08.19

16.04.30180 (2016.08.19)

15926 When requesting an approval, the recipient once again receives an email request 16.04.30180 2016.08.19
15920 Using the shift key when selecting multiple documents now works as expected 16.04.30180 2016.08.19
15840 Chrome users can once again open external forms 16.04.30180 2016.08.19

16.04.30113 (2016.08.12)

15830 “An item with the same key has already been added.” Is no longer received when importing documents 16.04.30113 2016.08.12
15535 Smartlink will no longer cause Microsoft Windows to report “Some programs are preventing the system from restarting” 16.04.30113 2016.08.12
13375 Office 2010 users will no longer receive the error “Unable to cas COM object of type ‘System._ComObject’ to interface type ‘AddinExpress.MSO.IRibbonUI’ when using our Office integration 16.04.30113 2016.08.12

16.04.29847 (2016.07.29)

15636 The $ symbol can now be used in a literal string in workflow designer 16.04.29847 2016.07.15
15585 Batch import of emails no longer produces an “Argument value is out of range” error when the batch size is set to 0 (unlimited) 16.04.29847 2016.07.15
15584 Type ahead datalinks no longer produce a JavaScript exception when nothing is found. 16.04.29847 2016.07.15
15556 A “TypeError: Cannot read property ‘performPostSubmitAction’ of undefined” JavaScript error is no longer received on workflow submission 16.04.29847 2016.07.15
9916 PDF files are no longer rendered blurry or pixelated. 16.04.29847 2016.07.15

16.04.29654 (2016.07.15)

15538 An error no longer occurs when Eclipse is launched as a window from a third party software URL 16.04.29654 2016.07.15
15531 Rarely used SQL types that do not match numeric, strings, date/times have mostly been removed to prevent type casting issues 16.04.29654 2016.07.15
15516 ODBC connections used by Datalink are now properly closed when finished 16.04.29654 2016.07.15
15514 Text areas for custom fields are now properly sized for users with view only permissions 16.04.29654 2016.07.15
15510 The client system tray application has been updated to properly reestablish a connection once it has been closed and quickly relaunched. 16.04.29654 2016.07.15
14784 Emails with excel attachments processed by a client with Microsoft Office 2013 are now rendered properly 16.04.29654 2016.07.15
14274 Data imported using the DMS tool will no longer produce the error “TypeError: n.replace is not a function” 16.04.29654 2016.07.15

16.04.29556 (2016.07.08)

14788 Externally filled forms are no longer submitted blank 16.04.29556 2016.07.08
14445 Fields names that have a ‘.’ now show properly in the retrieve grid 16.04.29556 2016.07.08

16.04.29463 (2016.07.01)

15401 Datalink SQL parameters declared as Text are now treated as NVARCHAR 16.04.29463 2016.07.01
15400 The error “Unable to get property ‘performPostSumitAction’ of undefined or null reference” is no longer received when attempting to submit a workflow item 16.04.29463 2016.07.01
15357 Content items that are manually split and assigned to a new content type now have their assigned workflow run automatically 16.04.29463 2016.07.01
15344 The content meta panel will no longer cover the width of the page when attempting to view content 16.04.29463 2016.07.01
15303 The error “AJAX CORE Exception (Complete Function)” is no longer received when using a user prompt task and clicking submit 16.04.29463 2016.07.01
15126 Approving content using the workflow approval task will once again progress the workflow 16.04.29463 2016.07.01
15041 The message Import Failed “ID=unknown, cannot insert duplicate key dbo.approval” is no longer received when using batch import 16.04.29463 2016.07.01
15009 Quick search will now find an exact match when using integer fields 16.04.29463 2016.07.01
14446 An edit conflict is no longer received when submitting an external form with attachments 16.04.29463 2016.07.01

16.04.29335 (2016.06.14)

15141 Combo boxes with type ahead Datalinks no longer allow entries that are not part of their result set 16.04.29335 2016.06.14
14970 The “Object must implement IConvertible” error is no longer received when using the Compare Verify task against a document ID. 16.04.29335 2016.06.14
14849 Printing without the Eclipse client in IE11 no longer produces a file not found error 16.04.29335 2016.06.14
14085 Zero padding of a formatted decimal number is no longer removed when using a form 16.04.29335 2016.06.14
13096 An Eclipse user account is once again created automatically when used with LDAP authentication when the domain name from the LDAP connection page matches the domain of the username 16.04.29335 2016.06.14

16.04.29204 (2016.06.17)

10694 Line Items from a dropdown list containing an ampersand now display as expected 16.04.29204 2016.06.17
11328 A scroll bar has been added to the folder list on the Reports tab when folders are expanded 16.04.29204 2016.06.17
13121 Saving changes to an integrated user account with password management enabled no longer presents a password change error 16.04.29204 2016.06.17
13138 Description of the Find Text task has been updated to more accurately describe its use which is to find only the first occurrence of text in each value of input 16.04.29204 2016.06.17
13550 An address field group is no longer duplicated when submitted to workflow 16.04.29204 2016.06.17
13585 The show field option is no longer cleared when saving a content type on the content builder 16.04.29204 2016.06.17
13948 A javascript error no longer prevents certain users from accessing licensing.docstar.com 16.04.29204 2016.06.17
14583 A UserGatewayPermission: System.Exception no longer causes the database sync to fail 16.04.29204 2016.06.17
14678 Malformed PDF files will no longer fail in the distributed queue with the error “Expected a stream object”. 16.04.29204 2016.06.17
15105 The Eclipse client will no longer prompt for an upgrade if automatic update is selected and the version of the client matches the Eclipse server version 16.04.29204 2016.06.17
15108 Content split by a workflow task no longer requires the recycle bin admin gateway permission 16.04.29204 2016.06.17
15116 A “No response found returned from Integrated Authentication” exception no longer prevents SSO from connecting in the Eclipse client. 16.04.29204 2016.06.17
15128 When saving a versioned document your changes are once again saved. 16.04.29204 2016.06.17
15153 Combo boxes no longer look like text fields 16.04.29204 2016.06.17
15307 Users with both independent and LDAP authenticated logins enabled are no longer locked out by a password lockout policy if the password meets at least one of the login password criteria. 16.04.29204 2016.06.17

16.04.28059 (2016.05.20)

2333 Sorting on title is no longer case sensitive 16.04.28059 2016.05.20
11623 Clearing out the look-in folder option on search is now working as expected 16.04.28059 2016.05.20
13145 An out of memory exception prevented the display of content 16.04.28059 2016.05.20
13995 Formulas now more accurately display decimal formats 16.04.28059 2016.05.20
14000 The OCR shortcut would sometimes stop working when used multiple times on the same content This again works every time 16.04.28059 2016.05.20
14033 Blank page splitting now correctly splits on blank pages 16.04.28059 2016.05.20
14048 Distributed queue processor information now displays correctly on the distributed queue management screen 16.04.28059 2016.05.20
14285 Drop down lists linked to Hylife no longer produce a null reference exception. 16.04.28059 2016.05.20
14337 Rendering of newly versioned content now works as expected 16.04.28059 2016.05.20
14372 Resizing of forms labels and text areas is improved. 16.04.28059 2016.05.20
14427 Edit conflict resolved when editing a form with an attachment 16.04.28059 2016.05.20
14437 Larger field groups no longer cause the form editor to display a white space where fields are normally listed. 16.04.28059 2016.05.20
14485 Fields are repopulated in the content data panel if the field was previously removed and the field is used on a form. 16.04.28059 2016.05.20
14496 Externally submitted forms now properly trigger their corresponding workflow. 16.04.28059 2016.05.20
14888 The Authentication Providers button now works as expected 16.04.28059 2016.05.20
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