Document Versioning

Eclipse now includes the ability to maintain many versions of each document. Thus, as revisions are made, prior versions of the document are preserved and can still be accessed.

Eclipse user Permissions control the user’s ability to see, modify, and publish prior and draft versions of a document. Users without versioning permission can only see the published version of each document.

Users with permissions have the ability to “check out” and “check in” content.
Versioning is an optional module.

Edit Conflict Detection

If two users are viewing the same document at the same time, both make changes, and both save their changes, those changes made by the first user would be overwritten by those from the second. In some cases, this would be a minor annoyance. In other cases, for instance if the document content were modified by bursting a content item, splitting, scanning, or merging, the result could be a document with lost pages.

Therefore, a system has been implemented that detects if a document is still up-to-date at the time it is saved. If not, an edit conflict is reported, and the user is asked to refresh the page before attempting to save again.

Client Communications Options Added

The communications system that allows the user’s browser experience to interact with his/her client services formerly relied on a message queue backplane stored in an SQL database. This is suitable for some installations but is not ideal for others. Therefore, two additional options have been added: in-memory (no backplane) and a specialized key-value storage backplane, called “Redis”.

  • The “in-memory” solution (is ideal for single-server environments, because no setup is required.
  • The SQL backplane is easy to set up for multi-server environments, but can experience performance issues at high load.
  • The Redis backplane requires more setup but is ideal for high load, multi-server environments.

On premise solutions may be configured to use any of these.

Asturias hosted solution moves to a Redis backplane with this release to provide more robust client service connectivity.

Paging Performance

The speed at which users can step from page to page within each document has been greatly improved avoiding unnecessary redraws and data fetches.

Licensing Changes Audited

Changes to each sites license are now audited. Licenses are now among the audited entities and show additions, removals, and modifications.

Bug Fixes


6424 On-premise installer now offers option of not installing client services when, for any reason, this installation is not desired on the server.
7677 An error (“Incorrect syntax near ‘ModifiedOn’) which would occur when moving a folder from one parent to another has been corrected.
7876 Eclipse Print Import now cleans up its own temporary files, which otherwise would linger in the users’ ‘temp’ folders.
7908 A bug which sometimes caused the error message “Input string is not in correct format” while editing data in the results grid has been fixed.
7910 Performance when paging through a document is improved by avoiding unnecessarily redrawing the document meta panel.
7913 An internal configuration parameter (batch size) was changed to resolve problems indexing documents.
7921 The “Replace with Values” option for DataLink Parameters did not save correctly. This has been fixed.
7945 The option to email specific pages of a document was dropped from earlier 14.09 builds, but it has now been restored.
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