Saved Searches
Each user can now save his/her frequently-used searches.  All search criteria entered on the Retrieval (field, text, etc.) are saved by entering a name and clicking the save icon (just to the left of the Search button).  Saved searches can be selected and used from the same location.  They can also be selected and used from the quick search box at the top of the page.

Email Batch Import
A new batch import mechanism has been added to the Eclipse Client application to automatically capture email messages from your POP or IMAP email server.  Attachments and, optionally, the message body become separate components within the email document.  Like all batch imports, this may be scheduled to poll the server for new messages.

Other Enhancements

7507 Pre-processing is now available for CSV, XML, QSP, and Email Batch Import.
7593 The OCR Task in workflow offers several pre-processing options, which can significantly improve OCR results.
7647 Numerically named folders are now sorted properly. Formerly, they were sorted as text such that a folder called ‘2’ would follow folder ‘19’.
4530 The Eclipse Export utility has been enhanced with a setup wizard and more options, including date range specification.
7627+ Annotation and redaction editing improvements:

  • If the client is available, application of changes occur in the background, so the user can immediately continue working (such as moving on to another document). Formerly, a user might have to wait several seconds before continuing, or flickering could occur.
  • Whether or not the client is not available, the user is informed when changes are being applied.
  • A user preference determines if the annotations toolbar is automatically closed on a save.
  • Added an icon to close the annotation toolbar. (Ticket 7727)
  • An inappropriate save/cancel prompt would be generated if a user opened the annotations tools but never made an edit. Such a prompt should only appear if an edit was made (7729)
7621 A site setting, Quick Search: Enable Auto Wild Card, has been added. When enabled, all quick searches find documents containing words that begin with the text entered. Essentially, the wild card character, ‘*’, is appended to the search term.
7682 The ‘Move To’ action was a source of much confusion. It would move a document from one Inbox to another or from one Inbox to a folder, but it would add it to an Inbox or another folder if it was already in one or more folders. Now, this command always moves the document from any/all folders/inbox to the specified destination. A warning is displayed if the document is in multiple folders, because this might be unexpected.
7724 DataLink now works with ODBC databases, which don’t support parameters, by performing string replacement of parameters. To take advantage of this feature, check the String Replace Parameter option in the DataLink definition. Only use this feature if the database doesn’t support parameters. Also, it is recommended that a read-only ODBC connection is used whenever this option is applied.
  dditionally, clearer error messages are displayed with regards to architecture (x86 vs x64) mismatches.

Bug Fixes

7168 Deleting a large number (1,000s) of documents from the recycle bin would sometimes produce a server timeout error.  Documents are now deleted in manageable chunks so no error occurs.
7169 In the Workflow Designer, fixed certain situations in which a newly added task would not be displayed properly.
7181 Several fixes were made to the Merge function with the Capture page.  Page counts and file sizes are now computed properly, even when some of the documents are not rendered.
7184 Stamp annotations with no name would produce the error, “Object reference not set to an instance….”  This was fixed.
7185 Some unusual scrolling behavior in the view metadata panel was corrected.
7186 A deleted page is now promptly removed from the thumbnails display.
7187 Fixed: the Prompt for Folder workflow task did not allow the user to select a folder.
7197 An error, which sometimes resulted from working with a document after attempting to burst an already bursted content item was fixed.
7233 Fixed an error, which would occasionally come up in the Stamps Admin page after sorting stamps and then switch type (image to text).
7256 When a user chose to exporting data from the Admin, Import and Export page, but the user selected no entities to export (i.e. no Folders, Workflows, Inboxes, etc.), an empty export manifest would be produced.  This condition is now detected and reported, and no output is generated.
7257 Non-numeric data can no longer be entered into a Content Field whose type is defined as Integer.
7267 On the Capture tab, the Delete button for Scan Settings is now disabled when no user-created settings are selected.  (One cannot delete ‘– New –‘ settings.)
7291 After viewing approval requests, through the Approvals link in the navigator panel, sorting by content field columns would produce a server error; this has been fixed.
7315 In some cases, content fields which had no value would display the fields’ default value in the metadata panel.  In such cases, these fields properly show a blank value.
7322 When a user attempts to navigate to the next document after viewing multiple documents,  a dialog is displayed if the user has unsaved changes on the current document.  Clicking Cancel here should have abandoned changes and allowed them to navigate to the next document, but it did not.  Now it works as intended.
7349 Some scanners, which offer a “Double Letter” page size, would scan at this size when “Letter” was selected in basic settings.  The page size matching logic has changed to more accurately identify the correct setting on any scanner.   (Note that using scanner-specific, ‘Advanced’ settings ensures precise control of all scanner settings.)
7352 When a document is rotated just before selecting an annotations tool, the rotation would be reverted.   Now, the rotation is committed when annotations tools are activated.
7383 The default basic scanner settings would display ‘Color’ but are actually Black and White.  Now this displays correctly.
7420 Using Document Split Method: Specific Barcode now works properly in all situations.  Previously, it failed to identify the proper barcode when selected in the Capture page, Import, Pre-Processing settings.
7421 An exception would occur when using certain settings in the SplitOnBarcodes Task in workflow.  This has been fixed.
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