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Kiosk Mode (15.40)

Kiosk Mode allows Users to connect to the web browser instantly from the Systray Client, for easy to use Capture functionality when importing Content.

Approval Stamps (15.40)

Approval Stamps are visual representations of approvals and denials automatically drawn (as an annotation) on page 1 of a document. They are an optional feature, which must be enabled (if desired) through a Company Setting, Enable Approval Stamps.

If enabled, every approval or denial will create the associated stamp, which shows the user name, reason, and date/time of the approval or denial. A reset of recalled approval or denial removes the stamp.

When approving or denying a document as it is viewed, the stamp may be positioned as desired on the page, like an annotation. This positioned is remembered as a default value for future stamps on the documents of the same content type approved by the same user.

If a document is approved or denied without viewing it, such as from a results list, then stamps are placed in default positions without an immediate opportunity to move them.

Any user with Annotations permission, however, may move approval stamps just like any other annotation by entering annotation edit mode.

If a document (or more specifically, its first content item) is not rendered at the time it is approved, the stamp will not be visible until it is rendered.

Note that turning on Enable Approval Stamps will not create stamps for previously-approved documents. Likewise, turning off this feature will not remove them.

Forms Module (15.40)

The Forms module allows digital forms to be designed, filled out, and processed in eclipse. Each instance of a form is a special type of document whose content is a combination of a blank form (called a form template) and metadata filled in by users or by automated processes. Forms can be filled in, printed, etc. subject to users’ permissions. They can also participate in versioning and workflow.

Forms Module: Formula Builder

  • The Forms module includes a formula builder to create a mathematical expression for a field element that uses existing elements, numbers, and mathematical operators.
  • The form elements value will be updated, in accordance to the entered formula, as its references update. For Example: Modifying the value of a form element that is referenced in a formula will dynamically update the form element that has the formula defined.
  • The Formula Builder also allows you to define a formula for a field that exists, as part of a group. That field, in every row of the group, will update based on values in its own row (as long as those elements are referenced in the formula).

Forms Module: External Form Filler
Allow non Eclipse User’s to view and fill out a form.

Forms Module: Javascript Editor
This module also includes a Javascript editor, for the ability to add custom functionality to a form.

DMS Utility Improvements (15.40.23992)

Migration tool can now convert approvals to eclipse

eConnect Module (15.18.21537)

The eConnect Integration in eclipse uses the Microsoft eConnect tool to exchange data with Dynamics GP. It provides a number of eConnect Datalinks, which can be utilized in Content Types and Workflows. These Datalinks extend the capabilities previously found in MS-SQL and other types of Datalink.

eConnect is the first of eclipse’s Custom Third Party Integrations (C3PIs), each of which will allow two-way communication with different integration partners.

Workflow Queue filter shows only direct assignment/ownership, excluding assignment/ownership via group. (15.18)

This feature provides the option to further restrict the list, so that it only shows items owned by or assigned to the user specified and not any owned by or assigned to some group.

Added Blank page removal option during scan insert/append: (15.18)

Implemented a mechanism to list only batch imports applicable to specific workstations (15.18)

Seen Under the Batch Import tab of eclipse client service.

“Required Number” added to Request Approval dialog (only when a single document is requested). (15.18)

Content Type Builder (15.06)

This new feature set allows you to easily create Content Types while viewing content. This improves design accuracy and reduces design time. Content Type Builder provides the flexibility to select an existing Content Type, then modify it to create a new version, reducing design time. This new feature set includes the following functionality:

  • Show or hide fields – Streamline the user’s view and minimize clutter in the meta-panel.
  • Custom Field Ordering – Establish the order in which fields are presented in the meta-panel.
  • Set content property defaults – Applies to: Security Class, Workflow, Inbox, Folders, and Record Category.
  • Define OCR or Barcode lasso regions – While viewing the document, the Content Type designer can quickly designate OCR/Barcode regions on the content.
  • Relate Documents – Easily select field(s) to establish relationships which is very helpful in expanding search results.
  • Field Formatting – As field are added they can easily be assigned a formatting scheme such as Currency, Short Date, and Decimal…etc.
  • Create Auto Run Sync Actions
  • Ad hoc Security – Easily apply ad hoc security to manage user’s access to the content type editor.

Proxy Capability (15.02)

This feature allows a set of eclipse zones to be centrally controlled. If needed a site can be moved seamlessly without interrupting daily usage to eclipse. When using the proxy feature you will go to a central location for all log in requirements. If you have access to multiple zones you will receive an interstitial dialogue box upon logging in to choose which zone you would like to be directed to.

Other Enhancements (Betterizers)

12603 Added a User Preference option for the alignment of Related Documents (Left, Cent, and Right). 15.40.26310
12530 Added JavaScript Editor to Custom Fields. 15.40.26310
11300 Display a Pop Up box to confirm the User’s intention before moving a folder. 15.40.26310
11137 Modify Security now allows selection of multiple documents. 15.40.26310
10804 Display a Warning when owner advances workflow that is not the assignee. 15.40.26310
3589 Barcode/OCR region defaults to “All Pages” then switches to current page when a region is drawn. 15.40.25000
6879 Column chooser columns are sorted by name. 15.40.25000
8158 A mouse wheel behavior can be changed through a new user preference, “Mouse Wheel
8572 When importing groups from AD, also import the group description 15.40.25000
9814 “Remove from Folder” has been relabeled to “Remove from Folder(s)” 15.40.25000
10149 Form’s File Upload feature will now allow users to “attach” files from their computer to documents
in Eclipse.
10235 TIFF option is available for Save a Copy or Email w/Attachment actions. 15.40.25000
10430 List Action menu options are now alphabetized. 15.40.25000
10588 When using SendTo -> Email, users can add a message to be sent with the email. 15.40.25000
10902 DMS Utility – “Document Security Level” field is exported when migrating from Web Search 4 to Eclipse. 15.40.25000
11045 Capture – Scan or Import tasks are re-enabled during upload/submit of documents. 15.40.25000
11137 A message is presented to a user when attempting to Modify Security on multiple selected
11256 Retrieving large amounts of documents in Retrieve or Workflow has been improved. 15.40.25000
11370 Specific document separation method defaults to option saved in scan settings. 15.40.25000
11526 Scan: blank page and barcode splitting offer choices of front, back, or either. 15.40.25000
11871 Error message is displayed in UI for diagnosing LDAP Import issues. 15.40.25000
12348 Eclipse client is supported on Windows 10. 15.40.25000
12348 Batch Importing and Client Services are now compatible with Windows 10. 15.40.25000
4731 Increased the range of resizing allowed. 15.40.25000
4902 Increased performance of “Set Current User Approval” 15.40.24855
11867 Improved workflow document performance as the number of inactive records increases. 15.18.22747
3846 Implemented document split methods for scanning. 15.18.22619
6413 Scan section settings remain the same between sessions. 15.18.22619
9895 Made custom field group comparisons case insensitive. 15.18.22619
10179 Populated content fields are not removed from documents after applying a new content types. 15.18.22619
10251 User’s retrieve limit setting available on next login. 15.18.22619
10270 Added options for scanning/appending additional pages to existing documents. 15.18.22619
10508 Audit search results are paged and fully sortable. 15.18.22619
10567 Data entry fields have the same width regardless of data types. 15.18.22619
10680 Improved XML Import for failures due to invalid parameters. 15.18.22619
10921 Warning message implemented for existing batch imports being saved on another machine. 15.18.22619
11221 Document view is not reset after deleting pages from thumbnails panel. 15.18.22619
11450 Implemented read-only properties for workflows. 15.18.22069
11681 Improved efficiency of WebService Datalinks. 15.18.22069
10589 Implemented a filter for Site Admins to list users by their status. 15.18.21242
10029 Ability to limit batches by count or batch size limit (XML/CSV one to one (per meta file), Directory imports). 15.06.21059
10760 Password encryption implemented for Datalinks 15.06.20629
10748 Password and arbitrary connection strings implemented for ODBC. 15.06.20629
10485 Capture page is now hidden when a user does not have permissions to add to a content type. 15.06.20629
10031 Company Names are part of the Import Job report. 15.06.20629
10030 Vertical scroll bars are larger/wider. 15.06.20629
9422 Type- ahead populates after first character. 15.06.20629
9333 Ability to clear Due Date and Cut Off date. 15.06.20629
5354 Type-ahead implemented for “Search Fields” on Retrieve Page. 15.06.20629
7260 Added Remove Folders Ad Hoc Permissions task to workflow. 15.02.19588
6888 Allow Display Message task to take dynamic parameters. 15.02.19588

Workflow Task Enhancements

15.18.22619 NEW Grant Permission Task A means to assign adhoc rights.
15.18 Improved Datalink Field Group Task This task has been extended to allow the reading in of line items from a remote source. Previously this task only allowed the ability to push line items out of the system.
15.18 Improved Math Math task can now operate on field groups/line items, and has an optional setting.
15.18 NEW Aggregate The Aggregate task operates on a field that is single value or multi value. The task can operate on multiple fields at a time as well and perform an operation on all their values. The aggregate task can perform a Boolean test (All or Any), Earliest, Latest, Maximum, Average, Median, Mode, or Sum. This task can sum up columns in line items. This would be useful if you wanted to get the sum of the extended prices by multiplying the Quantity times the prices with the math task and then summing the Extended Prices in the line items (math task was extended to handle line by line operations now).
15.18 NEW Clear Approvals
15.06 Improved Display Message Task can now take dynamic parameters and show better messages instead of just static text.
15.06 NEW Remove Folders Ad Hoc Permissions Removes all ad hoc security settings applied to a specific folder
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