The ReportWorks module provide graphical and/or tabular system metrics and business intelligence drawn from any Eclipse data. Through these reports, managers can gauge efficiency, identify bottlenecks, and monitor transaction volume.

Reports can be generated on demand or emailed on scheduled.

ReportWorks comes with a collection of predefined reports on approval status, created documents, documents pending approvals, import jobs, inboxes, user activity, and workflow status.

Adding the Report Designer option allows customers to modify these reports or create entirely new ones. Note that customers do not require this option to import and use reports created by our partners or professional services department.

View License

A View License provides Eclipse customers the ability to extend the value of Eclipse to occasional users, such as a property manager providing client access to property specific content such as utility bills, maintenance documents, etc. A View License user is limited to viewing, printing, downloading, printing, and sending/emailing documents. A View License does not provide the ability to annotate, scan, file, version a document or participate in a workflow. Participation in an eclipse workflow would require a full license, i.e., a named or concurrent user license. Development of a portal license would require use of the docSTAR eclipse API and View licenses as described above.

Personalized, Automated Workflow Notifications

Each user may choose to receive regularly emailed reports on the status of workflow items and approval requests. These may be detailed reports, with information similar to that seen in the Workflow tab, or they may be summary reports, containing only the number of workflow items belong to each workflow. The rules that define each notification—what is included, how often it is sent—is defined in a simple dialog accessed via the Workflow tab.

Workflow Email Digest System

A user preference has been added to, optionally, temporarily hold typical workflow-generated emails and then deliver them, in a single email message, at the end of each day or other appointed time. Thereby, the volume of emails is reduced and the recipients are less likely to miss one.

A corresponding option has been added to email generation tasks in the Workflow Designer to override this user preference. Thereby, if a particular message is urgent, the workflow can ensure that it is sent out immediately.

Workflow Alert and Reassignment Triggers

Options have been added to each Workflow to help managers respond to items that are not processed prior to their assigned Due Date. These options include sending an email alert to the manager, reassigning the workflow item to the manager, or both.

Based on how the Workflow is designed, the Due Date may apply to the overall completion of the workflow, or it may be adjusted for specific Steps.

New or Improved Workflow Tasks

Send Email – this task has been revamped giving the ability to send notifications to multiple recipients, who may be eclipse users or groups or external (non-user) email addresses. Emails to eclipse users contain clickable links, as they always have. Emails to external addresses (and optionally, eclipse users) contain attached documents.

Find Regex – this new task allows finding sections of text within a larger block of text using Regular Expressions, thereby providing more flexibility than the simple Find Text task.

Drop Down – this task has been enhanced to allow user input driven from a TypeAhead or Dropdown Datalink.

Testable Tasks

Many tasks now include a “Test Task” feature within the designer. This allow you to test the settings with sample input and immediately see the result, rather than having to save the task in a workflow, apply it to a document, and then come back to the designer if a change is necessary. Testability is a huge time saver for tasks with the most complex settings: those with regular expressions or formatting codes.

Other Enhancements

  • Change Assignee is now available in List Actions when viewing a document. (18441:7261)
  • Folders may now be selected and moved into other folders through the “Move To” List Action.(18441:)
  • PDF Portfolios are now rendered along with their embedded documents. Similar to Outlook MSG files, bookmarks are automatically created to support navigation.(18441:7525)
  • A user preference was added for default zoom.(18441:8535)
  • An Import Jobs Management page has been added to help administrators track import jobs and see which ones are in progress and the results of those that have completed. It also contains an email notification option so designated people may receive a daily report on import failures.(18441:8287)
  • A command was added to List Actions to export the displayed results as a comma delimited text (CSV) file. (18441:8191)
  • An option has been added to remove ad-hoc permissions when changing a security class. (18441:8175)

Bug Fixes


9642 Fixed a version dependency in our email/print integration with Office applications. This would sometimes produce the error, such as: ThirdParty.Office20xx: Could not load file or assembly Astria.Framework.Utility.
9727 The CompareVerify Task got more attention. It, once again, is able to compare a parameter or custom field with no values to a single value and produce a ‘false’ output, rather than an exception. In fact, any comparison in which the number of values of the two inputs are unequal produce a ‘false’ output if an Output is specified. Note that this release will only affect workflow actions that run in the client; the same fix will be made to the server in our next release.
9742 Image rendering failures on Windows 10 clients were occurring. While the root issue is still open, we’ve identified which operations cannot be performed on Windows 10, and these tasks will be held for other clients.
9772 Some email attachments failed to render; this has been fixed.
9775 The reconnection logic for Datalink was modified so that it can reliably reconnect to the server after a version rollout or other temporary disconnect.


4200 Fixed CompareVerify Task, which would generate the exception, Object must implement IConvertible, when one of its inputs was null and the comparison type was Date.
7054 Removed unnecessary scrollbar below search fields.
8465 In some cases, a link generated when emailing one document would remain present when emailing a subsequent one. This has been fixed.
8885 Automatic update of client will now occur when a workstation awakens from sleep mode.
8980 Deleting a page via the thumbnail no longer results in scrolling the thumbnails back to the first page.
9317 Navigation across result pages has been fixed in the Workflow predefined search (navigation item).
9335 Document metadata modified on the Retrieve page is now promptly updated without refreshing the page.
9354 An Invalid Argument Error, which would occur when outputting a decimal number to a decimal field in workflow, has been fixed.
9442 Searching for decimal values, with greater than, less than, and between conditions, has been fixed.
9496 In some cases, with thumbnails visible, rapidly moving from a document view to retrieve results and back would cause the document to not be displayed. This was fixed.
9605 In the Reporting tab of the Systray application, each company is now listed by its company name rather than by its database name.
9651 The Workflow dashboard would display, ‘Step could not be found’, after changing the workflow on a sufficiently large collection of workflow items. This was due to the processing time needed to set the initial step for each workflow item. Now, the step will be displayed as ‘Processing’ reflecting the fact that it is only temporarily unavailable.
9691 Sometimes, changing the limits on the workflow predefined search would temporarily show no results. Now, in such a case, the page is reset to the beginning of the results list.


6373 A change was made to allow searching for text containing most punctuation and special characters.
6858 OCR of very large documents (eg. more than 600 dpi of legal size page) would generate an IMG_SIZE_ERR message; such images are now automatically scaled down (just for OCR-purposes) and can typically be processed effectively. (Processing of large images may be impacted by client memory limitations, and many such images in one document may cause the OCR task to time-out.)
7037 Scrolling has been improved on the Distributed Queue Management page.
8250 Corrected sorting of folders whose names include numbers.
8555 Fixed a bug that caused the client to lose its configured credentials on version updates.
8624 In some cases, users who exited their browser continued to hold on to concurrent licenses even after the period of up to 4 minutes in which they should be recovered. Any errors in this process are now logged for future diagnosis and correction.
8961 A third-party tool is used to render MSG documents, eliminating various complexities and potential issues that resulted from using Outlook to do so.
9147 “QR” and other 2D barcodes were not being recognized. This has been corrected.
9191 Corrected the display of column headers when viewing line items.
9185 Fixed an issue that sometimes produced the message, “an error has occurred”, when refreshing the page. (This was initially observed in the workflow tab.)
9202 Fixed an issue in search results, whereby the search criteria would be lost after paging through results for an extended period of time.
9210 Fixed a bug in the Find Text Task that caused it to read across multiple lines even when the Multiline option was not checked.
9241 A “JSON” error would sometimes be reported when viewing the contents of a folder with lots of document text; this has been fixed.
9315 Fixed a bug that caused all documents to be displayed after changing the items limit on the Workflow navigation link.
9316 Corrected a double confirmation prompt to save changes in a document when clicking on a folder.
9385 Fixed a bug, which in certain circumstances, caused an error when submitting user inputs to a workflow.
9413 A windows event is no longer logged for scheduled batch import jobs that find no files present to be imported.
9441 Fixed a bug that caused an error in the Remove from Inbox list action
9461 When thumbnails are enabled, it is no longer necessary to refresh the page to effect the change.
9472 An issue that caused an “eclipse” error message to pop up from Excel, when opening a spreadsheet embedded in an email, was fixed.
9490 In some cases, certain content fields would be rendered twice. This has been fixed.
9519 When rendering PowerPoint documents, a visible PowerPoint window would momentarily “flash” on the screen. This has been corrected.
9548 Fixed a bug that prevented thumbnails from rendering when the “last page” arrow was used to jump to the end of a document.
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