Bug Fixes


8669  The time required to display a document with a very large number of fields had been dramatically improved.


6921 A memory leak in Firefox and Chrome browsers would cause the application to slow down and eventually crash when many very high resolution documents were viewed over a period of time.  A fix has been implemented that circumvents this problem.
8468 The manifest import system (part of the Eclipse API) has been extended to support importing audit data.
8478 Fixed a bug that produced an error message when a Workflow task attempted to output a new value to a list-driven field.  The message reported that the value was not found in the list, which would be correct for a “Read Only” list.  However, the same message was displayed even if the list was not “Read Only”.  Now, workflow can successfully output to such a field.  Note, however, that the list itself cannot be updated except through the Admin page or the ComboBox Task. 

Prior Releases

3285 When a user follows a link in a workflow-generated email and views a document, the workflow panel in the document will now open automatically, even if the user’s preference otherwise would have this panel closed.
4293 A bug was identified whereby printing an unrendered documented, or a very long rendered document, without using the client, didn’t open the download dialog as it should.  This has been fixed.
6163 An “Email” button was added to the Workflow Designer, and an “Email Workflow Designer” eclipse menu item, visible when on the workflow tab or when viewing a document with the workflow panel open, have been added.  Both of these open a dialog, which allows the user to compose an email and sent it to all workflow administrators.  This may be used to submit feature requests, report issues, or otherwise communicate with the site’s workflow administrator(s).
6172 When emailing documents, the document title is used as the file name to the greatest extent possible, rather than using an arbitrary alphanumeric id.  In some cases, a numeric prefix is added to distinguish separate content items belong to the same document.  In all cases, any characters, which are invalid in a file name, are replaced with underscore.  Should two or more documents have the same titles or otherwise generate the same file names, a numeric suffix is added to distinguish them.
6245 The license system was revamped to eliminate certain causes of a false, “License Request File is invalid” message.
6353 The Help link in the eclipse menu has been fixed.
6510 Added the ability to print multiple documents from the results grid.  If more than 50 total pages are selected, the user is prompted to download them.
6691 In most cases, it is possible to recover from a jam or misfeed while scanning.  Rather than a simple error message, a message box with options to cancel, save the scan and stop, or continue scanning is presented.
6891 Page count is now available as a results list column.
7415 A workflow in which the first step had no actions and user selectable branches did not function properly; it reported that it was “Waiting for user Branch Selection”, but did not prompt for the branch.  This has been corrected.
7419 A timing issue, which would sometimes cause an error message during a client automatic update, was fixed.
7526 Now, when you leave the Workflow tab and return to it, you will find the page and sort order you last saw.  Formerly, the tab would reset to the default sort order and the first page of workflow items.
7540 The server configuration program (for on-premise solutions) was updated to resolve errors that would sometimes occur creating credentials for the application pool identify.
7657 A Reset button was added to the user preferences dialog.  Also the user preference for connecting to the eclipse client now includes a blank value, which appears if the client is temporarily unavailable.  Formerly, whenever the client was unavailable, the option to not connect would be shown and could easily be saved as the user preference.
7670 When searching by a date field, such as Created On, the date/time picker would insert 00:00 into the criterion if no time was selected, thereby specifying exactly midnight on the selected day.  Now, not setting a time is treated as “any time” that day.
7696 A blank Excel workbook will now render successfully.
7744 An issue that would sometimes cause a “Network Error” to be displayed when switching sites has been fixed.
7779 When deleting a custom field, a warning is displayed if the field is used in any saved searches, content types (as a related or default field), workflow tasks (as an input or output), or workflow branches (as a condition).  If you choose to delete the field anyway, it is removed from any content types or saved searches, which reference it; the workflows that referenced it will need to be edited.
7804 Changes to the client service configuration would formerly require elevated permissions when UAC was in force.  This is no longer required.
7805      When editing the Priority column in a grid, a blank option was displayed.  This had no meaning, and has been removed.  Only Low, Medium, and High are now available values.
7875      When importing users via “LDAP”, each LDAP user’s email address, if specified, will be used as their Eclipse username.  The user principal name (username @ domain) will be used only if email address is not specified for the user.
7907      A time-out issue which would occur when saving a copy of, or printing, a large document (eg. 50 or more pages) has been fixed.  Further, performance on all downloads has been improved – even those that didn’t trigger the timeout error.
7984      An “Object  Reference Not Set…” error that would sometimes occur would occur when editing custom fields in the grid has been fixed.
7989      Paging performance (the speed at which you can step through pages of a document) has been increased, so that paging is visibly smoother.
8021      Handling of certain server errors has been improved so that, if they occur, we can more readily identify where and why and thereby fix them.
8022      IP Addresses which were explicitly configured as “allowed” were not being allowed access; this has been fixed.
8023      Following a document link (as from an email) would sometimes produce an error, which has been fixed.
8031      A scanner jam during would cause the entire scan to be lost.  Now, when a jam is detected, the user is given the choice of canceling the scan, stopping at the current point, or continuing.
8085      Page navigation by clicking on thumbnails works properly once again.
8086 Client datalinks are now more robust, and will continue to attempt to reconnect themselves.
8102      Connection problems which sometimes affected the browser and client in our load-balanced, multi-server environment have been corrected.
8105      When attempting to change the paper size, quality, or other options in the client print dialog for a TIFF document, the dialog would abruptly close.  This has been fixed, so that one may change options and then print the document.
8106      When attempting to print certain non-rendered documents through the client, a dialog would report that the document could not be converted to a PDF, and would offer to allow it to be printed (natively) anyway.  Yet, choosing the latter option did not print anything.  This has been fixed so that, now, one can print the document natively.
8114      Fixed a bug whereby, when sending a document via an email, the subject line would default to the subject line of a prior email.
8118      Improved error handling in the server configuration program.
8123      Integrated searches with fields containing a space would sometimes produce an invalid URL, resulting in an error.  Spaces are no handled properly in all circumstances.
8131      Enhancements were made to the client and browsers ability to automatically resolve momentary disconnects.
8137      OCR and Barcode tasks now offer an optional second output argument, which – if specified – captures any exception instead of causing the task to fail.  This allows the workflow designer to determine what to do, if anything, if an exception (or if a particular exception) occurs.
8140      DataLinks, which return large amounts of data; big imports (150+ documents); and other client/browser communications would sometimes time-out and fail.  These large messages now receive special handling to make sure they are sent without timing out.
8148      The DataLink admin page is no longer displayed when the DataLink License is not present.
8150      A retry mechanism was added on client Data Links so a failure due to any reason, such as temporary unavailability of the client, may be resolved.
8162      One can now edit a workflow which uses a DataLink even when the DataLink is temporarily unavailable.  If any DataLink tasks are edited, they will report that the external data is not available, but will still show input and output arguments based on the last functioning state of the DataLink.  Also, a refresh button and busy-indicator have been added to manually update the DataLink inputs and outputs and to show when DataLink access is occurring.
8196      Fixed a bug wherein editing a DataLink Sync action would report that the Output was undefined.
8198      Fixed a bug that caused a document, which was deleted through the operation of a Barcode Split Task, to still show up in folders or searches, even though it was inaccessible.
8200      A bug that prevented searching “before” or “after” a specified date was fixed.
8232      On the DataLink Admin page, errors that might occur when testing the DataLink are reported to the user.  Formerly, an error was not reported, so there would be no explanation for why a given DataLink returned no data.
8246      Users attempting to retry a scheduled, batch import from the Import Job Management tab would see a message indicating that the import job file could not be found, and that the import could not be retried.  In fact, these files were present but located in a different directory than the Import Manager was expecting.  This system has been fixed so that all parties now agree on a location for these files.  Furthermore, upon installation of this version, any files found in the legacy location are moved to the new, proper location.
8247      The performance of search in Internet Explorer 10 has been significantly improved.
8250      Folders with names that begin with digits were not alphabetized as expected.  This has been corrected.
8254      Save a Copy on an unrendered document as PDF would produce an exception offering the opportunity to save it in native format instead.  However, when one accept this offer, nothing happened.  Now the native document is saved when requested.
8256      A Test Import on the Batch Import tab would sometimes generate a failure when an XML file specified an Inbox.  This has been fixed.
8261      Corrected the action recorded in the audit table, which was sometimes incorrect when adding/removing a document to/from a folder or Inbox.
8267      Add a continue option for scanning, so that documents longer than the scanner’s feeder capacity can be scanned as one document.
8269      Added a User Preference to show only “connected” scanners (devices).  In most cases, scanner drivers identify when the scanner is connected, to enabling this preference avoids having to pick your scanner from a potentially long list of scanners whose drivers are installed.  In rare cases, a scanner does not identify when it is connected, so it is necessary to turn off this option.
8286      Import Job Management: when a job is retried, its old compressed job file is deleted.  If it succeeds, that file is no longer needed; if it fails again, a new file is created.  Either way, the old job file is obsolete after retrying.
8297      A bug in the workflow designer which prevented creating a barcode task, which would read all pages, was fixed.
8300      Old compressed job files are removed automatically.  Specifically, between six and twelve hours after uploading a scheduled batch import, the automation service contacts the server to determine if the job was successful.  If it was, this job file is no longer needed and is removed.  Job files for unsuccessful imports are retained to allow retry through the Import Job Management window.  Optionally, job files over a specified age (in days) are removed regardless of success or failure; this feature is set through a .config file and is disabled by default.
8359      Creation of compressed files used in downloading content (for printing, emailing, versioning, etc.) and for image caching operations is now faster and less disk resource intensive.
8378      In certain cases, the Workflow queue did not refresh properly, causing documents that required approval to remain in the approver’s queue after they had been approved and moved on to another step/assignee.
8411      Improvements in client DataLink error handling and management: these include a configuration option to run out-of-process.  Also, a button was added in the Import Job Management tab of the client, which resubmits all eligible import jobs.
8434      Documents that are “hard deleted”, without going through the Recycle Bin, are now properly removed from the index; formerly, these would remain in the index, come up in search results, and produce an error message when selected.  Because our user interface always goes through the Recycle Bin, only API consumers would encounter this issue.
8441      Rendering of MS Office documents would sometimes fail with a COMException.  This could occur if the automation service was running with admin or elevated permissions, whereas the client’s Systray application was running without these permissions.  This has been fixed.
8445      A recent update of Acrobat Reader caused the Eclipse client to fail to print PDF files.  This has been resolved, but a result of this fix is that the client will no longer try to detect when Acrobat Reader has completed printing and close the application.  The user must now close Acrobat manually after printing.
8507 Fixed a bug whereby a workflow document, which has been approved in response to an approval request, would encounter an invalid cast exception in workflow upon a subsequent approval.
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