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DocStar provides an active workspace when you login with quick access to different spaces to perform your work. Use the following options to complete your work:

  1. Tabs – Each tab on the top gives you quick access to every days tasks. The tab displays in yellow when active.
    Home Use this tab to return to the main viewable area including your BuzzSpace.
    Retrieve Search and locate existing documents for review or management.
    Capture Import new documents or content.
    Workflow Display a list of workflows requiring your attention.
    Reports Access the ReportWorks add-on product which provides metrics and additional insights for your content.
    Forms Access the Forms add-on product allowing you to create and interact with form templates.
    Packages Access the PackageWorks add-on product which provides tools to build and track a structured collection of documents.
    Admin Available to system administrators to manage passwords, permissions, and other user settings.
  2. Inboxes – The first section or container housing active, open, or in-progress content.
  3. Folders – Container for completed content or content being saved without work required.
  4. Notifications – Alerts you when content requires your attention. These alerts refresh upon login.
  5. Workspace – Documents requiring your attention display in this space.
  6. Search – Locate documents or other content quickly using your own search criteria, such as a document number or company name.
  7. DocStar Site Menu – Quick access to change sites, logins, access live chat or Betterizer, or the online help.
  8. BuzzSpace – Based on your company preferences and setup, customized, quick access to your company information, such as a newsletter or HR link.
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