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A single form part may span multiple pages, but each form part always begins on a new page. Thus, one reason to use multipart forms is to control pagination.

Moreover, a multipart form document may be split, creating separate form documents. See Splitting, below. This supports a process in which different workflows are to be applied in parallel. Note that elements tied to the same fields may appear in multiple parts of a form, so that a user would only have to fill them in once. Then, when the form is split, both (all) parts contain these data.

To add a second part to a form template, click the Insert button above the canvas.


Doing so will add a new, empty form part after the current form part, changing the navigation bar thus:


The plus symbol also adds a form part, but adds it to the end of the form.

The x symbol deletes the current form part.

The bookmark for each form part may be altered. When an instance of this form is viewed (in Form Edit mode or otherwise), the bookmarks may be used to navigate among parts.

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