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It is not essential that a form take part in a workflow, but it is fully supported and very valuable. Workflow allows parts of a form to be filled in and/or validated automatically using math operations, Datalinks, etc.

Any workflow tasks can be used on forms, but some are particularly useful with forms.

  • Display Message Task – allows you to specify a region, which will be highlighted on the document. Thus a user can be prompted to fill in part of a form and be guided to the correct spot.
  • Math Task – can operate on individual fields or a field group, and it can perform some operations like date arithmetic that are not available via a Formula on a form.
  • Aggregate Math Task – computes sums and other aggregate functions on multi-valued inputs. (A Formula is limited to computing a sum on a field group element.)
  • Set Field Group Values – populates a row or rows in a field group drawing from any types of inputs.

There is also the Complete Form Task.


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