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Form Options

Form options include the following settings which apply to the whole form.



Security Class determines permissions to the form template itself, not documents generated from it. Form documents have their own security class initially determined by the form’s Content Type.

The Category determines where this form appears in the forms navigator.

Name is the name of the form template and also the initial title of any form documents created from it.

Page Size and Orientation determine how the form is presented both in and out of Form Edit mode.

Start As Draft, if checked, will cause each form document created from this template to start out as a draft version, similar to documents that are imported as drafts.

Display Grid and Snap To Grid features aid in aligning elements in the form designer. Displaying the grid helps you see when items are aligned. Snap to grid forces items to line up on a grid; the unit is a pixel.

Public links can be created to publish forms for non-DocStar users to fill out. This is discussed below.


Forms include the following options in the Advanced accordion. Some of these features are dependent on licensing. See Licensing, below.

Submit Button

When a user fills out a form, a Submit button (as well as a Save button) is present. The meaning of this button, the label it displays, and the message displayed after clicking it can all be modified here.

Submit can “Complete” the form. A completed form will no longer be viewed in Form Edit mode or modified.

Submit can issue the Submit command to the workflow panel, assuming the document is at a user input action in workflow. Enable this option when the form includes all inputs required for workflow to progress.


The alignment of the Save and Submit button can be modified through the Button Alignment options. Multipart forms (discussed below) will have additional buttons to navigate among form parts.

The Flow and Grid layout modes affect interpretation of the Max Per Page option of all field groups on the form. In Grid mode, a page break is added when any field group contains more sets than its Max Per Page. In Flow mode, elements flow downward to accommodate the field group but no page break is added.

Tab Order determines the order in which focus moves from element to element when hitting the Tab key. Clicking the pencil icon opens the Tab Order Editor dialog.

Forms_24_LayoutAll elements which can accept focus (input) are listed; this excludes labels, images, and section breaks.

Drag an element up or down to change its Tab Order.

Click the icon to disable the tab stop on an element. The element will still be visible and functional, but pressing the Tab key will never stop there; a user will have to click on it.

Clicking OK and Cancel, of course, close the dialog accepting or discarding any changes made, respectively.

Reset enables tab stops on all elements and reorders them from top to bottom, left to right.

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