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The Request Signature Task is unique for DocuSign. You can send signature requests either as part of a workflow using the Request Signature task or ad hoc for a particular single purpose when needed. Regardless of how DocStar ECM sends envelopes to the recipients each time a signature request is made, all envelopes are associated with the same DocStar ECM document. Workflow requests are invisible to the user because the tasks are performed on the DocStar server and there is not a Request Signature interface, specifically, for the user. 

Select and use a DocuSign envelope template to open and apply the task.

Note: You should be signed is as the designated service user to use this task.

To use the Request Signature task:

  1. From the Workflow Designer, select the workflow to which you want to add a signature request task.
  2. In the Task field, select Request Signature.

  3. In the Template field, use the Template drop down to open another tab and login to DocuSign.

    Logging in makes your templates accessible within DocStar.

  4. Complete the Input and Output areas to indicate who should get the document for signature.

    Example template:

  5. Click OK to save your changes.

When this task runs, the system sends the signature request to the email specified in the workflow. In the image above, this is the Applicant entry: $Field.Email1. Depending on your company policies, you can enter an editor user in this field and let the editor decide who should sign the document.

About Request Signature Within Workflows

Before using the Request Signature task for a workflow, review the following workflow parameters that are specific to DocuSign. These options control the behavior for the workflow when certain conditions apply.


The $HasSignatureRequests parameter validates if any DocuSign envelops are associated with the document or package and return a value of either true or false. For example, if you want to set your workflow so that the sending of signature requests are always included, but want to let users request signatures ad hoc, you can use this parameter to validate if the signature request has been sent.

Note: When testing, we recommend defaulting this option to false until you are ready.


The $SignaturesPending parameter searches for incomplete envelopes, that are not yet declined or deleted. This means these envelopes are still in process or on their way to the recipient. This option prevents workflows from continuing through the process until the envelope is received. 


Similar to the $IsApproved argument, the $IsSigned option is set to true or false. True returns only if all the envelopes are signed or complete. You may use this argument in a Wait For task until the status update triggers the argument to be true.

Note: When testing, we recommend defaulting this option to false until you are ready.


The $SignatureRequests argument holds a numeric value indicating the number of envelopes associated with the specific document. For example, you may have a document that requires a minimum number of signatures from separate individuals before moving to
the next step.

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