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Use the Admin tab to enable and setup DocuSign® on your system.  After you enable your DocuSign settings, you must setup accounts for your DocStar users who will be sending signature requests and users who are recipients.

  • Senders – These user accounts are used when sending signature requests to envelope recipients to collect a signature. These users need a DocuSign account.
  • Recipients – These users are receiving signature requests. These users need a DocuSign account. DocuSign designates several recipient types, such as signer or editor. You will need to review your company needs to decide how many recipient types you may need.

If you use an editor user to determine who needs to sign documents, then the management of the signature happens in DocuSign and outside of DocStar. If you use signers specifically, then the document signatures are managed within DocStar keeping your user in the same system for their work.

Review each setting to ensure you have your system setup as needed.

To manage your DocuSign settings in DocStar:

  1. From the Admin > Settings area, click DocuSign Settings.
  2. Use the following options to enable DocuSign:
Option Description
Trial Account If you want to test the DocuSign interactions without being live, use this option to activate your trial account.
Use WebHooks DocStar uses WebHooks to connect to DocuSign. This enables DocStar to communicate when its server has a public Internet Protocol (IP) address, like the cloud-based DocStar customers, and provide envelope updates. This option makes the envelope updates automatic and keeps data up to date.

Note: In system where DocStar ECM does not have a public IP address, WebHooks cannot be used. You must set up system polling to update the envelopes.

Delete Envelopes in DocuSign If set to Yes, when you use the Delete icon on the eSignatures Envelopes panel, the
system deletes the envelopes from both DocStar and DocuSign.
Create Custom Field On-the-Fly Allows DocStar to pull in custom DocuSign fields and their values into DocStar as reusable fields long as the field is not overwriting or changing current fields in a document.

Users must have the Delete Signature Envelopes option added to their User Preferences list.

Capture-by-Template Allows you to import DocuSign Templates as DocStar ECM content types. With this option selected, the system populates the Content Type field in this Options area.

  • Connect – Works like WebHook and requires the WebHook handler URL to activate. Click
    the information ( i ) icon to display the URL to cut and paste to add to your DocuSign
    > Admin > Connect details. This is recommended.
  • Polled – Queries the Designated User account once every fifteen minutes.
Templates Indicate the templates you want to load when authorized users are logged in and want to request signatures. You can drag and drop templates into this field or use Ctrl+P to select additional templates.
Content Type Displays the available content types for DocuSign.
Designated Service User The Designated Service User (DSU) performs background operations, such as workflow services, and is used in situations when there is no interaction required with a true user. The DSU is a service account to help perform actions on a workflow or behind-the-scenes task when the system is acting on specific parameters. For example, when DocuSign updates envelopes the system is retrieving that data to update the status. A human user is not required, but a system user is. DocStar using the DSU as a system user to update the status on that envelope.

3. Click Save.

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