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While many signature requests will route through your standard workflow processes, you can request a signature on a document that you receive without having to use the workflow designer. These ad hoc signature requests are useful for one-off documents that you receive sporadically, but that require a signature, such as a beneficiary update.

About Signed Documents

These documents are legally binding. Once you receive a signed document, you can view its status and  use the Actions menu to view the native or signed image of the document, when needed. Signed documents always come back from DocuSign as a .pdf file. You can use the Actions > Email option to download and send a copy of the signed document; make sure you select Signature in the Send options to make sure you have the correct version.

Note: Recipients do not need a DocuSign account, but are prompted to create a free account.

To request a signature:

  1. From the Retrieve tab, locate and display the document you want to have signed.
  2. From the Actions menu, select Request a Signature.

    This option only displays if you have the DocuSign module.
  3. The DocuSign application launches in a separate window or tab and prompts you to sign in to your personal account.
  4. Login to DocuSign.

    In the background, DocStar uploads the document you have displayed to DocuSign. You remain logged in until your session expires. Once logged in, the system returns you to DocStar.

  5. Complete the Request Signature dialog box to indicate the title, description, and what DocStar should include when sending.For example:
  6. Click Request Signature to send the request.
    • Select the template which matches your document and click Apply.
    • Add any additional documents from DocuSign, if needed.
    • Select recipients and types.
    • Select Needs to Sign and select Send.
      For more information about using DocuSign, see Adding Recipients in the DocuSign documentation.The Recipient receives like this where the 1 indicated is the sender requesting the signature:
  7. Return to DocuSign and do the following:
  8. Return to DocStar and verify the envelope criteria.

The system displays the signature request details in DocStar in an eSignatures Envelopes panel in the left hand pane:

This panel only displays when an eSignature has been sent. When the overall status changes to Sent, the name, email, and status information also display here.

Use the refresh icon  to update this panel, when needed.

Use the view icon  to launch DocuSign and view the envelope.

Caution! The delete icon  deletes the envelope from DocStar ECM. Depending on your settings, this may also delete the envelope from DocuSign.

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