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About DocuSign and DocStar®

DocStar ECM offers compatibility with DocuSign®. DocuSign provides full capability for electronic signatures that are available  anywhere from any device. Documents can be emailed providing quick delivery and return for signatures in a secure environment
for items such as legal contracts, human resource benefit documents, quotes, or mortgage applications where legally binding signatures are required. The integration with DocStar ECM keeps all your documents accessible and stored safely. Additionally, DocuSign can be used for signature requests or for receipt records. Meaning, you can have receipt and read tracking for important documents you want to make sure have been delivered.

Important: The DocuSign module is an add-on product for DocStar and requires a DocuSign account along with DocStar version 18.2 or higher.

DocuSign eSignatures can be checked and verified with any PDF reader installed on the local machine. DocuSign stores the original document and DocStar ECM uses an envelope ID to store the information and refer back to the original document. DocuSign keeps a page history with an audit of the document’s actions and user interaction along with a certificate of authenticity.

Electronic signatures are binding in all fifty states in the United States and in many countries of the European Union. For more information about DocuSign’s legalities, see DocuSign and Electronic Signature Law on the DocuSign web site.

Note: Epicor University has course agendas available for this module to help walk you through the functionality. Click here for more information.

About this Documentation

This documentation discusses how DocStar ECM interacts with DocuSign. For full details about DocuSign terminology or how the documents are handled, refer to the DocuSign online help documentation:

  • Search Support Content at
  • Document History and Certificates at
  • Adding Recipients at
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