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The dynamic grid is interwoven throughout the DocStar site and can be customized to present the information that you wish to see.

Customizing your grid view

  1. Click the Column Chooser icon () to select the columns to display.
  2. From the Column Chooser, select the fields that you’d like to display

The Column Chooser window presents a list of available fields to display on the left and the fields that will be displayed on the right.

Adding/Removing fields from your view

To add a field to your view, click the plus sign (+) to the right of the field name.  Likewise, to remove a field from view, click the minus sign (-) to the right of the field name.

Changing the order of fields in view

To change the order that the fields are displayed, use the double-arrows to click and drag the field to move the field up (appearing further left) or down (appearing further right)


Grant Groups/Users permissions to edit their grid view

To allow users or groups to edit column displayed in the grid, do the following:

  1. Using an administrator account, Click the Admin tab
  2. Select Users (or Groups) and locate the user account (or group) that you’d like to give Edit Columns access to
  3. Under Admin Permissions, enable the Edit Columns permission by checking the checkbox

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