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What are Content Types?

Content types are collections of metadata and settings that are applied to content items.

They are a way of cataloguing your content for easy management and retrieval.

Accessing Content Types

Click on the Content Type Builder (3) option in the Admin (1) > Process (2) menu to access the “Add/Edit Content Types” (4) dialog.

Add a New Content Type

TIP: When building content types, begin with the smallest unit first and work your way up.  Start with Lists, then create fields, and end with content types.

  1. In the Content Type box, select -New-.
  2. In the Name field, enter the name of your content type. (Ex. Invoice, Application)
  3. Select the Document Properties you want to assign to the Content Type.
  4. Select Default and/or Related fields.
  5. Under Content Type Security, make a selection for Security Class (Public or Hidden)
  6. Press Save.

What does “Is Related” Mean?

Enabling this checkbox by a field establishes content items relationships.  When viewing a content item that uses this content type, the Related Documents section of the content item will display other content items that have the same field value.  For more information, See Related Documents

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