About Users

A “User” is a person who uses DocStar.  Each user should have their own user account to identify them and to permit or restrict their access (admin permissions and security rights) within the system.

Clicking on the Users (3) option in the Admin (1) > Manage (2) menu brings you to the “Edit User” (4) dialog.


Creating Users

To create a new user, select –New – from the Select User dropdown.  Then enter a valid email address for the username and complete the remaining fields.  When complete, click Save.

Group Membership

In the “Edit User” dialog, on the right, there is a list of Groups under the heading “Groups”.  This area displays all groups within the DocStar site.  The groups that are highlighted are groups that the account is a member of.

Admin Permissions for User Accounts

In the “Edit User” dialog, there is a list of checkboxes with a header of Admin Permissions.  Each checkbox represents a set of features within the DocStar site.  When the box is checked, access to those features is enabled for all users that are members of that group.

Users - Admin Permissions


LDAP Integration

A guide on LDAP Integration features can be found here.

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