Applying Security Classes to Objects

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The last step to completing setup for Security Classes is to apply those security classes to object throughout the DocStar site.

Applying Security Classes to Content Items (Documents and other files)

Security Classes can be applied to content items on the capture tab when content is brought into the DocStar site as well as afterward.  Content Types can also be defined to apply security classes to content items.

On Capture:

The Content Fields panel also displays the assigned security class and allows users to change this – if they have rights to.


Applying Security Classes to Inboxes and Folders

To modify the security class of an inbox or folder, right click on the object and then select the desired security class.


NOTE: Security Classes applied to Inboxes and Folders do not affect the content items contained within the inbox or folder. If a content item has a different security class from it’s container, it may still be accessible from the retrieval areas.

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