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New in Release 18.2

Use the Group Preferences option to manage how users view and interact or manage information. Preferences work in a hierarchy depending on your user  settings. The system uses company-wide preferences first, then applies any group preferences, and finally using user’s individual preference which will supersede all others. If a user is in more than one group, the system uses the group listings in the order they appear in the Group Preferences window with the group listed first taking the highest priority.

For example, Mary works in Accounting which allows viewing of all expense forms. She is also assigned to the Check Writing group giving her access to create and modify the expense codes. Her manager also has given her access to batch import files for the Accounting department. When DocStar applies her permissions, the system applies all basic Accounting group preferences, then gives access for check writing, and then permission to batch import. In this way, Mary inherits from each group all the access required for her job. Although standard Accounting group preferences may not allow batch import, assigning that preference at Mary’s user level gives her that access without removing any preferences.

To add a group preference:

  1. From the Admin tab > Manage area, select Group Preferences.
    The system displays any currently set group preferences in a grid format in the Edit Default User Preferences For Groups area. Groups without preferences set display in the Groups drop down.
  2. Use the following options to manage the User Preference for this group. Any references set will apply to all users assigned to this group:

    The following options have the same properties at the group level as they do at the user preference level.- Capture Preferences
    – Environment Preferences
    – Forms Preferences
    – Layout Preferences
    – Package Preferences – PackageWorks only.
    – Retrieve Preferences
    – Search Preferences
    – Using Settings Options
    – Viewer Preferences
    – Workflow Preferences
  3. Click Save.

Note: You may need to refresh your browser to see these changes.

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