Setting Up Groups

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A “Group” is a container for user accounts that applies the same access to all included users.  Groups can help you manage user permissions and rights with fewer mouse-clicks.  Group settings are applied to all user accounts that are members of the same group.

Clicking on the Groups (3) option in the Admin (1) > Manage (2) menu brings you to the “Edit Group” (4) dialog.


Creating Groups

To create a new group, select –New – from the Select Group dropdown.  Then enter a name for the group and select the desired permissions.

After the groups are created, proceed to creating users.

Group Members / Users in Groups

In the “Edit Group” dialog, on the right, there is a list of users under the heading “Users in Group”.  This area displays all users within the DocStar site.  The users that are highlighted are members of the selected group.

TIP: To add multiple user accounts to a group, press and hold the CTRL key and left click each account.  When all desired accounts are selected, release the CTRL key.

Admin Permissions for Groups

In the “Edit Group” dialog, there is a list of checkboxes with a header of Admin Permissions.  Each checkbox represents a set of features within the DocStar site.  When the box is checked, access to those features is enabled for all users that are members of that group.



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