Composing a New Buzz space message

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Clicking on the Buzz space (3) option in the Admin (1) > Manage (2) menu brings you to the “Add/Edit Buzz spaces” (4) dialog. 


Composing a new message

To create a new Buzz space message, select new from the “Select a Buzz space” dropdown then enter a Title for the message.

Next, use the editing area at the bottom of the page to compose your message.  If you’re not sure where to start, try typing your message first, then use the tools above the editor change the look and appearance. 

There are many editing tools available to help you design your message.  There are essential tools modify text alignment, font, size, and color as well as helper tools like cut, copy, paste, find and replace.  And for those that prefer to work in HTML, there’s even a tool for that.

Scheduling the message

Once the message is complete, you may want to define a schedule for when the message is displayed.  To schedule the message, uncheck Default, then select the month, day of the month, or day of the week to display the message.  You can use all 3 or any combination of the 3. 

TIP: Selecting Default indicates that the message will display if no other message is scheduled for that time. 

Have a weekly Meeting that occurs every Tuesday?  Leave the month and day at default, and select Tuesday. 

Want the message to display on the first 7 days of every quarter? Hold the CTRL key and left click on January, March, April, July, and October.  Release the CTRL key. The months should now be selected.  Hold the CRTL key again, then click days 1-7 and release the CTRL key.

TIP: To select multiple values (Months, days, etc..), press and hold the CTRL key and left click each item.  When all desired items are selected, release the CTRL key. 

Once your message is complete and the schedule for the message to display has been defined, click save.


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