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DocStar ECM keeps a running log of all actions within DocStar for every entity. DocStar uses this off-loading process for processes such as creating image renderings of scanned documents, performing OCR, and reading barcodes. This global audit trail helps you research actions and entity information to locate when an activity took place, such as login times or workflow deletions. DocStar uses actions and entities in combination to populate the search results.

Note: You must have the View Audit setting in Users > Admin Permissions to review the audit trail.

This is a view-only audit log. You cannot make adjustments or “undo” any actions. DocStar records and keeps the action trail for research purposes. You can purge records, if needed.

To search the audit trail:

  1. Login to DocStar.

  2. From the Admin tab, select View Audit.

  3. Use the Start Date / End Date fields to define the time parameter for your search.

These date fields are required. The start date defaults to the current date and time. Use the calendar drop-down tool to specify the time to the hour and minute, if needed.

  1. Click Search to return all results or use the following fields to limit the audit trail to specific criteria.

    Field Description
    Username Enter a user’s username that you want to limit the logs to. You cannot enter more than one at a time.
    Title The title of a document, workflow, or any entity type. You can search by any portion of the title, as needed. For example, you know all your titles for invoices contain INV. You enter INV in to return all those lines.
    Description Search by any words that may be found in the description. For example, you want to review all Forms lines. Enter Forms in the description to return those lines.
    Action Type Indicate the kind of action you want to sort by, such as Signature Approval or Deleted. Use in combination with the Entity Type to further refine your results.
    Entity Type Select the entity type you want to search by, such as Content Type or Field Group. Use in combination with the Action Type to further refine your results.

    For example, to review all deleted content types, set Action Type to Delete and Entity Type to Content Type.

  2. Refine your search, as needed, and click Search.

Note: You can display the audit trail by document by using the Actions menu from within the document and selecting Audit Trail. The system displays that document’s audit trail for review.

Example: What’s happened to my content types in November?

You want to know the actions applied with your content types for the month of November. Set the Search Audit as follows:

The search results display similarly to this:

You can review each line or sort by clicking the header, such as to group invoice entries together.

Action Types and Entity Types

DocStar uses the following actions and entities in combination to populate the search results.

Action Types Entity Types
Accessed License Not Present Action Package
Added Listed All Member All Package Type
Added to Logoff Audit Public Image
All Logon Content Type Record Category
Approval Changed Modified Custom List Report
Checked In Draft Moved DataLink Scan Settings
Checked Out Permissions Modified DataLink Connection Scheduled Task
Content Changed Printed Document Search
Created Promoted Document Version Security Class
Created Signature Envelope Published Field Group Submission Type
Database Sync Activation Purged Field Meta Text Stamp Annotation
Deleted Removed Folder User
Deleted Signature Envelope Removed From Form User Editable Table
Deleted and Purged Restored Freeze Workflow
Emailed Unpublished Image Stamp Annotation Workflow Library Action
Failed Logon Updated Signature Envelope Inbox
Imported Version Deleted LDAP Connection
Insufficient Permissions License
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