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Use the Distributed Queue to monitor and manage tasks that are resource intensive. This means, those operations within DocStar that require large amounts of either time or network resource. By letting the Distributed Queue manage these operations, your system is kept at an optimum performance level.

How It Works

When the DocStar server detects an operation that requires more than a single-client resource, the operation gets added to the Distributed Queue. The system then polls the current system to see what clients are available to handle the workload and are opted in to the distribution process. DocStar can then push the required processing, as needed, to the other clients.

Note: If a resource, or client, is processing a particular operation and gets interrupted, the system suspends that process until another client connection is established based on a specified waiting period.

Processes sent to the Distributed Queue are handled on first-in-first-out basis with the oldest items processed first.

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