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The Epicor DocStar web-based, Enterprise Content Management (ECM) and Process Automation solution provides the robust capabilities needed for a secure, comprehensive content management deployed either as a hosted service or as an on-premises solution. With DocStar, you can better manage your business processes and further increase operational efficiency while enhancing business continuity. The DocStar solution provides:

  • Easy capture, storage and automation for paper and electronic content.
  • Quick and easy retrieval from central repository.
  • Safe and secure storage for all documents.
  • A highly scalable solution that fits the size and budget requirements of any organization, in any industry, regardless of volume.
  • Retrieval of vital business records and documents anywhere and anytime using a browser, tablet or smartphone.

About the DocStar Help Center

DocStar provides the following tools to help you learn the various aspect of the system and using the tools to your advantage:

  • Online Help Content – The DocStar.com site provides written procedures and guidelines for the DocStar application. Use the menu pane to the left to navigate through various topics about which you need more information.
  • Training and Education – Epicor University provides the Video-on-Demand and other education training material links on this page. These materials include short, microlearning videos for small areas of the package or longer training videos used for more advanced training.
    • DocStar on EpicWeb – Provides a location to interact with DocStar Support, including link to EpicCare for case management and Knowledge Base Articles. You will also find links to documentation, downloads, and educational resources.
  • Technical Support – For technical support matters such as error messages and unexpected software behavior, contact DocStar’s Support team by logging into your DocStar site, then, click on the DocStar drop down menu located in the upper right corner.  You can report problems via the email support or live chat links. 
DocStar ECM Help Center
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